eatnaturally for everyone

Forget fad diets. Eat natural, simple, delicious foods to lose weight and stay healthy.
No fussy calorie or points counting, no messing about with shakes and meal replacements. Just real food, by nutritionists, for pleasurable eating.

The primary benefits of our eatnaturally plan include…

Steady fat loss

Losing fat fast is not sustainable. With eatnaturally you will lose weight sensibly, and keep it off when you stick to the principles.

Awesome support

Our customer-only Facebook group is mega-supportive, and on the extra plan you also get one-to-one support from your nutritionist.

Simplified food shopping

With your meals already planned for you, food shopping is a walk in the park, which we also encourage!

Tips and Techniques

Our plans include a help section for mojo and mindfulness about food and exercise, key factors in fat loss.

With all our eatnaturally plans you get…

  • A meal plan for the week with simple, healthy eating options.
  • Plenty of meal variety, focusing on natural ingredients.
  • Eating tips and techniques in our ‘Food for thought’ section.
  • Community and nutritionist support through our private Facebook group.
  • Portion control – crucial for fat loss.
  • Plans suitable for vegetarians, veggie fish and meat eaters.
  • Steady, sustainable fat loss when you stay on-plan.


£28 per monthpaid quarterly, or £30 monthly
  • Includes all of the above as well as goal setting and monitoring, and your choice of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly weigh-in.


£48 per monthpaid quarterly, or £50 monthly
  • Includes goal setting, weighing-in and weekly, personal feedback and support from a qualified nutritionist.


£18 per monthpaid quarterly, or £20 monthly
  • For people who want to sample the fitnaturally way, or have the convenience of a weekly meal plan for an easier, tastier life!
eatnaturally is for more than *just* weight loss


Someone else plans your meals! Perfect for mums and families, busy professionals, shift workers, you name it.


You might already be at the right weight but just want to eat more healthily with greater variety to improve your food repertoire.


You’ll save money by shopping for only what you need. No extras, no waste. It’s the plan that pays for itself!


We don’t lock you in. We educate you along the way, giving you the skills to eat healthily for rest of your life.

Frequently asked questions

It’s a carefully created meal plan for the week, Monday to Sunday, which we upload to your account each Wednesday. You have two choices for breakfast and up to three options for lunch and dinner including very simple options if you’re pushed for time.

Just decide on the option you want, click or tap any links to see the recipes and make a note of the ingredients for your shopping list.

We ensure each plan includes a huge variety of easy-to-make, natural foods providing all the nutrients your body needs.


Our customers include men, women, students, retired people, executives, sportspeople, shift workers, single people, families, you name it!

There are so many options within our eatnaturally plan that it will suit almost every dietary preference except vegan, which can be supported via our eatnaturally bespoke service.

If you have a specific health issue, meaning you can’t eat a large number of types of food, then our bespoke plan is what you need.

It works because we give you exactly the energy and nutrients your body needs and nothing it doesn’t.

And we do this using next to no processed food whilst also whole-heartedly recommending the use of real butter, whole milk and full fat everything. Frankly, life’s too short to eat low-fat yoghurt or spread manufactured gloop on your toast.

Our aim is to help you lose fat in a sustainable way. Note that we are careful to say ‘fat’ because at fitnaturally we believe that weight alone is a flaky metric. Body fat percentage, waist/hip size and even clothes-feel help form a more complete picture of your overall body composition.

So, if you follow the meals and portion guidance on our plan you will lose fat. Simple!

If you have diabetes we have a plan tailored just for you: eatnaturally for diabetics.

Coeliac and other conditions affecting the types of food you can eat can be supported with our bespoke service.

If you other health issues please email us before signing up so we can assess whether it’s the right plan for you.

Following our plan you can expect to lose around 1lb of body fat per week.

You may lose at little bit more in the first couple of weeks but as your body settles into the plan you should lose around 1lb per week until you reach your goal weight and fat percentage. Goal weight and fat percentage will vary depending on your age, height and gender.

It’s not sustainable to lose more than 1lb of body fat per week.

Eating a variety of natural, unprocessed food in the correct amount, mostly plants.

That’s it!

Because we’re about healthy eating, not dieting.

Most people associate the word ‘diet’ with a fad of some kind, or look at ‘dieting’ as something to be endured in order to lose weight.

The dictionary defines the word diet as follows:

  1. the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats: a wholefood diet.
  2. a special course of food to which a person restricts themselves, either to lose weight or for medical reasons: I’m going on a diet.

Number 1 is fitnaturally.

We’re not selling any additional products like supplements, bars, shakes or powders, just education and knowledge about what to eat for a healthy life. We don’t bamboozle you with calorie counting or a points system or talk about ‘free foods’. No food groups are restricted. We always recommend full fat products, shopping locally and seasonally for organic, high-welfare products. Many of our clients have started making their own sourdough bread too.

The only thing that could come close to being a restriction (but it really isn’t) on our plans is portion sizes. Most of us overestimate the amount of food we need to eat – and there is often social pressure to eat more than you need. Our plans will re-educate you on what is the right amount of food.

As long as you can communicate in English our plans will work for you.

We have customers in Japan, Australia, USA (New York), Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark.

We have more information in our Knowledge Base.
eatnaturally bespoke
eatnaturally bespoke

Manage your weight for health issues or if you have a complex, busy life.

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eatnaturally for diabetics
eatnaturally for diabetics

Tasty, quick whole foods that keep you full and maintain a steady level of blood sugar.

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fitmaternally for pregnancy

Eat well during pregnancy for a healthy baby and healthy you.

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