We do all the thinking about what to shop for, cook and eat, whether for fat loss or just great nutrition and an easier life. No calorie or points counting, no gloopy shakes, meal replacements or missing meals or food groups. Just real, quick and tasty food, by nutritionists, for foodies. Suitable for men, women, families, busy executives, sportspeople, singles and anyone who wants to improve their diet.
We plan for you

Full menu for the week, with up to three options to choose from at lunch/dinner. Your food repertoire just got very impressive!

Shopping is easy

Your meals are planned. Shop for exactly what you need for the week saving time, money and waste.

Sustainable fat loss

We don’t want you to lose weight fast. We want you to lose fat right and to keep it off.

Professional support

Our eatnaturally extra and eatnaturally bespoke plans include one-to-one support from a qualified nutritionist.

Choose from…

eatnaturally essential

Includes our weekly plan with meal variety, tips and techniques, milestone setting, progress monitoring and access to our Facebook support group.

from £28 per month

eatnaturally extra

Everything you get with eatnaturally essential with the addition of one-to-one feedback and support from a qualified nutritionist.

from £48 per month

eatnaturally everyday

Our entry-level option. You get all the healthy eating benefits of our weekly plan minus progress monitoring or support. Just simple, healthy eating.

from £18 per month

the full fitnaturally service

eatnaturally is our main service but we offer so much more. All our services take a natural, sustainable approach to healthy eating and exercise. We do not advocate ‘diets’ – just a natural lifestyle. And we’re guaranteed 100% fad-free!
Sports nutrition

Already a regular exerciser or athlete? Eat properly for training, competition and maximum performance and health.



Our nutrition and exercise advice service for pregnant, pre and post natal women.


Running and fitness

Starting a new path to fitness or returning to fitness from a break? We have a plan for that.


eatnaturally for businesses

Your staff’s wellbeing has a profound effect on your business. A fit, healthy workforce is a more productive, happy and vibrant workforce.


Our clients say it best…
I really enjoyed the plans from day one. Immediately it felt that it was about eating well rather than dieting and it was great that I had the opportunity to enjoy a variety of good food and great recipes and, most importantly, still lose weight. I lost 2.5 stone in 7 months, post-baby.- Maria Tsiliakou, eatnaturally for post-natal
What I can say is the food on the plans is A-MA-ZING. I'm in love with some of the recipes, and every week is a treat. Sally has been immensely supportive and encouraging despite my foibles.- Chris Flavell, triathlete, eatnaturally bespoke
It is no exaggeration to say that working with Sally has changed my life. I have a busy job and a busy life outside work and I used these as excuses for not eating properly. Post-fitnaturally, I sit here today wearing size 10 clothes which is something I never dreamed was possible. I am running lots and loving doing so and I have a new feeling of confidence which I never had before.- Vicky Ryan, eatnaturally bespoke
Having tried and failed with many diets and with a Spring marathon on the horizon, Sally was able to offer a plan that was exciting, nutritious and most importantly sustainable. I love that the meals are quick, with many on the table within 30mins, this has been really important when balancing family, working full time and training. The weekly catch up has been really valuable, particulary for planning long run nutrition and recovery.- Abby Powlett, marathon nutrition
fitnaturally 2015 in numbers…
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