7 ways to a joyful January

It’s now mid January and people’s new year resolutions to get healthier might have been put in a drawer until next Jan 1. That’s partly to do with mood, this time of year can seem a bit ‘draggy’ with not a lot going for it. It’s also to do with setting unrealistic goals at the start of the year and feeling their pressure or feeling a failure when you can’t achieve them or lose your mojo.

So, what’s to be done? Lower your sights a little bit, there’s much joy to be had from simplifying and being grateful for what you already have.

Here are seven really simple ways to feel good.
  1. Enjoy the January weather. Get your wellies and coat on and get out into it as much as you can. Being outside is fantastic for making you feel calmer and happier, and the evenings are getting lighter!
  2. Phone a friend. Instead of hunkering in front of the telly all night ring someone you love, someone you keep meaning to ring, have a chat and a laugh.
  3. Forget fad diets, just enjoy the hell out of eating three really nice meals a day. Yep you get three whole opportunities every single day to eat beautiful food.
  4. No time to go to that gym you joined? Cancel it and start to run. It’s the most convenient form of exercise, you just open your front door and go, for as long or short as you like. The outdoors comes with it, free! If you don’t want to run, walk, or do a bit of both.
  5. Appreciate what you have. A heart that beats, lungs that breathe, legs that move, eyes that see, blood that carries nutrients and oxygen around your body. It’s pretty amazing – YOU are pretty amazing. Look after yourself, it’s a privilege being alive.
  6. Get some early nights. Sleep is a simple health elixir. If they sold in in Holland & Barrett it would be £300 a bottle.
  7. Let things ride, and be kind. Someone pee’ing you off? Be nice to them or let it go. Working too much? Work less. Worried about something? Think about what you can actually do to change it, if it’s nothing let it roll, if there’s something you can do, do it. Do something each day to make someone else happy and that will make you feel happier.
“See with the eyes of love and a thing becomes beautiful”
Joy Cowley

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