Can I still eat pudding and stay slim?

Hell yes!

You can’t go through life without pud sometimes. But sometimes is the operative word here.

You know how nice things are kinda nicer if you don’t have them all the time; like holidays, birthdays, dinner out, puppies and kittens?

This is how to treat pudding. Have it once a week and revere it. Like “OMG it’s pudding day!” this is the best day ever!

How to keep pudding in your life but remain smaller than the Taj Mahal
  • On pudding day, Sundays are good for this, have two meals, brunch and dinner. This is quite easy as most of us laze in bed a bit on Sundays anyhow. Have dinner late afternoon or early evening then bring on the pud.
  • Just have a smaller main course. It’s only once a week. Like you could have a small steak and salad then crumble and cream. *droool*  Do some significant exercise on pud day. Like a loooong walk in the woods, a beautiful run or bike ride, or 20 mins vigorous bouncing on the trampoline, before pud rather than after. You’ll make space for it AND feel invincible.
  • Go for a low carb pudding if it’s after a main meal. Try our Limoncello ice cream, it’s beyond gorgeous. I got the recipe from my friend Isabella who eats the beautifullest food and stays well fit 💪🏼 (waves at Isabella as I know she reads this.)
  • Have a sensible portion size, that’s sensible for you rather than Guy the Gorilla, if you know what I mean. I know I can eat a washing-up bowl of apple crumble and custard but it’s not conducive to fitting in to any of the clothes that are in my wardrobe ever again. About the size of your fist is your perfect pud portion.

And that’s how to rock pudding!

Don’t wreck a sublime experience by feeling guilty.
Laura Brody

Just eat beautiful, real food with an eatnaturally plan. Bring the joy back!

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