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Do you shuffle into bed too tired to clean your teeth on the way and think it doesn’t matter cos you’ll do it in the morning?

Why cleaning your teeth helps to keep you healthy

It matters very much, not only to your teeth but to your general health. The mouth carries more bacteria than you can shake a stick at, it’s teeming with billions of the little critters. Not all of them are bad but if you’re lazy about cleaning your teeth you give the bad guys a chance to multiply.

Then they find their way into your body, namely to the blood stream, blood vessels and the heart and lungs, actually invading the heart muscle itself. When you have destructive bacteria circulating it can cause systemic inflammation, which will make other conditions worse as well as creating an environment that attracts disease.

All for the sake of saving two minutes with a toothbrush.

Clean your teeth at least twice a day, and preferably after each meal. At the very very least always clean them before bed. Regular teeth cleaning is good for your health.

We try to use 100% natural toothpaste with no artificial sweetener, like this one by Green People.

Lastly, cleaning your teeth when you feel like snacking is a brilliant avoidance tactic!

What’s not to like?


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