Crack the no-snacks

Snacking is hugely responsible for the daily 500 calorie rise in people’s energy intake over the last few decades. Let me correct that – us snacking, that’s you and me, is the cause, not snacks themselves.

The problem is there’s always an eating opportunity, plus you hear so often that grazing is the way to eat. Not so. Most people graze on top of three main meals. That’s not a grazing style of eating, it’s adding unnecessary food to an already adequate diet. It’s a fantastic way to get fatter.

So what can you do to stop yourself snacking?
  • Eat breakfast later to shorten the time between breakfast and lunch and so you can have lunch a little later to shorten the time between lunch and dinner.
  • Eat a fibrous lunch with some protein, to keep you full til dinner time.
  • Eat fewer refined carbohydrates and sweet foods and drinks, to avoid massive fluctuations in blood sugar that lead to false rumbles.
  • Eat dinner as close to 6-7pm as you can. So it’s not ages since lunch.
  • Go to bed earlier so you don’t do a fridge or toaster raid at 10pm.
  • Don’t keep snack foods in the house/at work. This is a simple and obvious strategy.
  • Stop believing that there are healthy snacks such as Graze Boxes, energy bars, energy drinks and, to a certain extent, even fruit.
  • Keeping something in the house “for visitors” is a fool’s game. Don’t be fooled.

And remember…

No one ever died of hunger between lunch and dinner.


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