Dietary Analysis

Would you like reassurance that you're getting the correct amount of nutrients* and that your energy intake is right for you?

Have your three-day food diary analysed by fitnaturally and we will send you a full report that shows where you're meeting guidelines and where you might need to tweak things.

£30 per day analysed
*Based on reference nutrient intake at population level.

How does it work?

You keep a three day food and activity diary using a template we will send you. The diary covers three consecutive days, one of which is a weekend day.

When you send the diary back to us we use the information to calculate your daily calorie and nutrient needs and will send you a report showing actual intake against your recommended intake. We will add further personalised recommendations to address any imbalances, using real food.

Get started

Click any of the Buy Now buttons on this page and choose the number of days you'd like analysed. We strongly suggest you choose three days. Analysing one or two days in isolation will only give you a snapshot of your needs and typically doesn't represent the full range of your eating and activity habits.

When you've paid we'll send you a payment confirmation email and a second email with links to download the food diary template. Complete the template in full and send it back to us.

We'll then analyse the details, liaise with you on any points of clarification and send you a report within a week of getting your completed diary.

Note: You will need to have either Microsoft Word or Apple's Pages to complete the template.

Your privacy

The diary is used for the sole purpose of generating the report. We do not keep any copies of the diary. Once we have generated the report we delete all copies from our systems.

Ready to get started?

Note: When you tap the Pay Now button it may take a few moments to complete payment. You will see a thank you message shortly. If you have any issues during the checkout process please email us:
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