How to lose weight naturally? Eat less but better.

A simple message this week…

It’s not carbs that make us fat, it’s not fat, sugar or protein either.

Eating too much is what makes us fat.

It’s fundamentally that simple.

We can show you how to lose weight naturally.

The variation is that the ‘too much’ differs between people. For instance, what is too much for someone of 5ft 3in might be perfect for someone of 5ft 9in. What’s too much for someone who’s inactive might be just right for someone who walks to work and back every day.

Most of us know very well when we’re eating more than we need, but we continue to do it out of habit, emotion, enjoyment or social pressure.

To boil it down to basics:

eat less but better


Get gorgeous food, perfectly portioned, every day with our eatnaturally meal plans. Let us show you how to lose weight naturally.


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