Eat pud, on a Sunday :-)

A life without puddings is no life at all.

Eat puddings – but just once per week

At some point during the rest of your existence on this beautiful planet you’re going to want to eat apple crumble, treacle sponge, strawberries and cream and all the gorgeous puddings, even if you’re trying to lose weight.

Having pud one day a week means you nsavour it more, as well as not ballooning up to the size of the Taj Mahal. At fitnat, Sunday is that special day, when you have time to get active outdoors and build up a healthy appetite!

Make Sundays even more special with an eatnaturally plan.


So, here are two brilliant ways to enjoy your Sunday pudding:

1. Have brunch late morning, something like free range eggs with lovely ‘real-bread’ real-butter’y toast. Then go outside for a long walk and pick blackberries while getting gorgeous fresh air. Have your main meal late that afternoon and then pudding; at this time of year it might be apple and blackberry crumble.

2. Have a low carb breakfast like eggs and bacon/smoked salmon, or an omelette, or perhaps some yoghurt with nuts. Have your main meal at lunchtime then pudding for the evening meal. Go and pick the blackberries after lunch – functional fitness, you get a gorgeous walk to help lunch go down and you get your ingredients for pudding.

Sunday pudding can be a highlight of the week

Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness!
Jane Austen
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