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These taster plans will give you an idea of what we're about at fitnaturally.  We've omitted some key features here and there – can't everything away for free! – but they'll give you a full idea of what you can expect every week.

We update the free plans every few month. These plans were uploaded in January 2020.

And you can always ask us anything at

What's so good about the eatnaturally plans?

You and anyone you share meals with will benefit from and enjoy the eatnaturally food experience.

We also want you to be active in the fresh air, get plenty of sleep and relaxation and minimise stress so we weave that into our plans and support too. It's why you only see food pics with our recipes. It's all just gorgeous real food, no funny business!

In our FREE selection, which you can access when you join for our journal above, we have included plans from eatnaturally for everyone and eatnaturally for families.

Our full range includes plans for:
And all plans include variations for meat, veggie-fish, and vegetarian (except eatnaturally for families, which includes all of the above).

If you decide to join us you'll get a new plan in your account every week with lots of delicious meal options, something to suit everyone. 

Enjoy the wonderful food, health and energy with eatnaturally!
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