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Me and Scout enjoying quality time together outdoors.
Do you have a complex, busy life with little time to think about what to eat and when? Do you need one-to-one help with managing your eating to feel more healthy, happy and energised?

Our eatnaturally bespoke plan is 100% tailored to you. We create weekly plans specific to your likes and dislikes as well as your homelife, work, travel and socialising.

our plans work

I am losing the weight steadily but my relationship with food has changed for the better.

The support is fantastic and you get loads of encouragement.
Pippa Greenan
I reached a perfect weight and body fat percentage in a realistic timespan and am not gaining anything back. Very warmly recommended.

fitnaturally is effective, no-nonsense, fair, friendly and very supportive.
Wouter de Haas
What I needed was someone to tell me what to eat and when to eat it. Sally is immensely approachable, warm and funny – and now I can say for the first time in my life that I have a healthy, balanced diet. 
Jullie-Ann Ryan

What does our bespoke plan give you?

  • A fully personalised weekly food plan, taking into account your likes and dislikes.
  • We write your plan specific to the schedule you tell us each week.
  • Portion control and intuitive eating – crucial for leading a happy, healthy life.
  • A 30 min welcome consultation call to get to know you and discuss your goals.
  • Professional one-to-one support from a qualified nutritionist.
  • Tips for general health and mojo in our ‘Food for thought’ section.
  • Realistic and achievable goal and milestone setting, and progress monitoring.

Extra benefits include:

Awesome community support
Our private Facebook group is a great place to chat with like-minded people on the same health journey as you.
No-pressure progress
We want you to success at your pace. You don't 'weigh-in' at fitnaturally. We have a Progress Day where we discuss your progress in the context of your life.
Running nutrition
Spending time outdoors, with your pet if you have one, it the best antidote for stress!

Our bespoke plans are limited...

We're currently at full capacity on our eatnaturally bespoke plans. But we'd still love to help you so fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as a slot frees up, or you can try one of the alternative plans.

Alternative plans

Find your healthy sweet spot eating delicious, natural food and being more active outdoors.
Improve your performance and hit your target, or race, weight with ease.

How does it work?

1. Tell us about yourself
Once you've paid you can log in immediately to fill out our questionnaire so we can get an idea of what your goals are. We'll contact you shortly to set up the welcome consultation call and you can join our warm and friendly private community on Facebook.
fitnaturally healthy eating support group
Join our amazing support group
2. Add your schedule
Each week you tell us your schedule and we write a plan specific to you, taking into account your likes, dislikes, and anything else you tell us about that week. Your weekly plan will be full of delicious, natural, top notch grub, perfectly planned for you.
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3. Get support, get results
Give us honest feedback about how your week went and we respond to that each week. We want you to reach your goals, not ours, and we'll help you achieve them realistically and forever. through intuitive eating and being aware of natural hunger and fullness.
Have a cuppa
Relax. Have a cuppa. We got you!
eatnaturally bespoke
£ 33 per week
paid monthly, or £35 weekly

What are the benefits of our bespoke plan?

100% tailored to you
We create weekly plans specific to your likes and dislikes as well as your health, family, business and socialising needs.
Awesome support
Personal, one-to-one support and feedback from one of our fully qualified nutritionists.
Simplified food shopping
With your meals planned for you, your shopping is a walk in the park, which we also encourage!
A welcome consultation
When you register we arrange a 30 minute welcome consultation with you over Skype or on the phone.
Bearing in mind your preferences we'll work with you to introduce a greater variety of meals and foods to your diet.
Life-long learning
We don’t lock you in. We educate you, giving you the skills to eat healthily and intuitively, and to exercise, for rest of your life.

Get started now

I am losing weight and my relationship with food has changed for the better.

The support is fantastic and you get loads of encouragement.
Pippa Greenan

Do you need more support and tailoring?

Maybe because you have a very busy or complex life, a lot of food dislikes, unusual meal timings, lots of travel or meals out. The eatnaturally bespoke plan gives you the full attention of a qualified nutritionist who will design a weekly meal plan around your life.

Tailored to you

You tell us briefly what you’ll be doing each week, include anything that will affect meal times such as travel, appointments, general exercise*, dining out or entertaining. We use this information to design a plan that fully integrates with your life to bring you better health, intuitive eating and reduced stress.
*If you exercise a lot or are training for an event then you need our bespoke sports nutrition plan.

Gorgeous recipes

We'll give you meals that you love with easy, tasty and nutritious recipes or helping choose the best options when you're on the move.

start now

eatnaturally bespoke
£ 33 per week
paid monthly, or £35 weekly
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