eatnaturally bespoke

Complex, busy life? Eating around a health issue? Need help managing your weight?

The primary benefits of our bespoke plan include…

100% tailored to you
We create weekly plans specific to your likes and dislikes as well as your training, health, family, business and socialising needs.
Professional support
Personal, one-to-one support and feedback from one of our fully qualified nutritionists.
Simplified food shopping
With your meals planned for you, your shopping is a walk in the park, which we also encourage!
A welcome consultation
When you register we arrange a 30 minute welcome consultation with you over Skype or on the phone.
Our bespoke nutrition plans have limited slots
We limit the slots on our bespoke nutrition plans because we want to make sure our customers get the best service. When no slots are available we can add you to our priority list and will contact you when a slot is free. We also invite you to join our eatnaturally for everyone plan.
eatnaturally bespoke
£ 33 per week
paid monthly, or £35 weekly
  • Fully personalised weekly food plan
  • Plans are written to your specific training schedule or work/life pattern
  • 30 min welcome consultation call
  • Professional one-to-one support
  • Goal and milestone setting, progress charts and weight monitoring

Perfect for you if you need more support and food-tailoring.

This might be because you have a very busy or complex life, a lot of food dislikes, unusual meal timings, lots of meals out, or a specific health issue that prevents you from eating a lot of foods. The eatnaturally bespoke plan gives you the full attention of a qualified nutritionist who will design a weekly meal plan around your life.

Tailored to you

You tell us briefly what you’ll be doing the following week, include anything that will affect meal times such as exercise or training, travel, appointments, dining out or entertaining. We use this information, and what we have learned about you during the registration process, to design a plan that fully integrates with your life to bring you better health and reduced stress.

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