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Lose weight without going on a diet. Eating healthily is delicious and affordable with an eatnaturally plan.
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"Get real food for happy eating. No points, shakes or missed meals, just joy."

What are the benefits of our eatnaturally plan?

Steady fat loss
Losing fat fast is not sustainable. With eatnaturally you will lose weight sensibly, and keep it off when you stick to the principles.
Awesome support
Our customer-only Facebook group is mega-supportive, and on the extra plan you also get one-to-one support from your nutritionist.
Simplified food shopping
With your meals already planned for you, food shopping is a walk in the park, which we also encourage!
Tips and techniques
Our plans include a help section for mojo and mindfulness about food and exercise, key factors in fat loss.

Our eatnaturally plans give you…

  • A meal plan for the week with simple, healthy eating options.
  • Plenty of meal variety, focusing on natural ingredients.
  • Eating tips and techniques in our ‘Food for thought’ section.
  • Community and nutritionist support through our private Facebook group.
  • Portion control – crucial for fat loss.
  • Plans suitable for vegetarians, veggie fish and meat eaters.
  • Steady, sustainable fat loss when you stay on-plan.
£ 30 per month
paid quarterly, or £32 monthly
Also includes goal setting and monitoring, and your choice of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly weigh-in.
£ 50 per month
paid quarterly, or £52 monthly
Also includes goal setting, weighing-in and weekly, personal feedback and support from a qualified nutritionist.
£ 20 per month
paid quarterly, or £22 monthly
For people who want to sample the fitnaturally way, or have the convenience of a weekly meal plan for an easier, tastier life!

eatnaturally is for more than *just* weight loss 

Someone else plans your meals! Perfect for mums and families, busy professionals, shift workers, you name it.
You might already be at the right weight but just want to eat more healthily with greater variety to improve your food repertoire.
You’ll save money by shopping for only what you need. No extras, no waste. It’s the plan that pays for itself!
We don’t lock you in. We educate you along the way, giving you the skills to eat healthily for rest of your life.

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