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Feeding your family is easy, Delicious and affordable with our eatnaturally for families plan

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I know what it's like feeding a growing lad. You're in safe hands!
Want your children, and you, to eat food that tastes great and is healthy and quick to make? Want to be sure they're getting great nourishment for their growing bodies? Want them to enjoy the heck out of their food? Then you need our new plan, for families who want to save time, eat well and get on with enjoying life!

I'm fully qualified in nutrition and personal training and mumming, because I'm the mum of The Best Teenager In The World™!

I'm super excited to launch our eatnaturally for families plan because it's something our clients have wanted for a long time. The weekly meal plan gives you quick, scrummy options suitable for youngs and not-so-olds alike. Every family is unique and dynamic. We know we can't cover every family situation so we've made our plan adaptable with suggestions and guidance on making it work brilliantly for your family.
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My son is a teenage now. He's the one hiding under his hoodie, obviously!

our eatnaturally for families plan gives you…

  • a weekly meal plan to cover almost all family scenarios that's suitable for vegetarians, meat and fish eaters
  • great ideas for children and adult's packed lunches
  • tasty family dinners, healthy snacks and nutritious fast meals for activity nights
  • portion guidance for adults
  • a focus on happy, healthy eating as a family
  • the ability to eat intuitively and encourage your children to stay in touch with their natural hunger and fullness instincts
Extra FREE benefits include:
Awesome support
Join our private Facebook community for support and giggles with like-minded people. And you can always email me for advice.

How does it work?

Join us!
Once you're paid up you can log in immediately and join our Facebook group. Your plan is delivered online each Wednesday and it starts the following Monday, giving you lots of time to select and prepare your shopping list for the week.
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Join our amazing support group
Get started
Your weekly plan is full of ideas for delicious, natural, top notch grub for children and adults. We give you plenty of adaptable ideas for filling lunches, tasty family dinners, healthy snacks for rumble moments and nutritious fast meals for activity nights.
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Stay healthy for life
We teach you intuitive eating, to enjoy the heck out of great food and to stop eating when you're nicely full – a skill that's essential for long-term good health for you and your children. And we encourage LOTS of outdoor activity too!
Have a cuppa
Relax. Have a cuppa. We got you!
eatnaturally for families
£ 30 per month
paid quarterly, £32 monthly

Get started now

What are the benefits of our eatnaturally plans?

Improved health
You will become your healthiest through eating well and exercising outdoors. Eat intuitively and you will lose weight sensibly and naturally.
Awesome support
Our private Facebook group is mega-supportive for everyone. We talk about all sorts of wonderful and challenging life-stuff in there.
Simplified shopping
With your meals already planned for you, food shopping is a walk in the park, which we also encourage!
Tips and techniques
We include a 'Food for thought' section for mojo and mindfulness about eating will and being healthy.
Someone else plans your meals! Perfect for busy people everywhere no matter what your situation is.
Increased variety
You might already be in a healthy groove but just want to eat better with greater variety to improve your food repertoire.
Money saving
You’ll save money by shopping for only what you need. No extras, no waste. It’s the plan that pays for itself!
Life-long learning
We don’t lock you in. We educate you, giving you the skills to eat intuitively, and healthily, with some exercise, for rest of your life.

Gorgeous family-friendly recipes 

Money back guarantee

If for any reason in the next 14 days you decide eatnaturally isn’t for you, just email us and we’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. Super simple.

If our plan doesn’t work for you, we don’t want to keep your money and will gladly help you find another solution. Just send us an email, and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

Start now

eatnaturally for families
£ 30 per month
paid quarterly, £32 monthly
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