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Emergence of the coronavirus has sent the world into unprecedented times and we all need to work together to get through the weeks and months ahead.

We wanted to do something useful to support you and your health so we created the eatnaturally storecupboard plan and we've giving it away for free.
It'll give you an easy framework of meals you can make from the stuff you have in cupboards, fridge and freezer. It'll help you not to panic buy because you'll know what you're going to be eating and that a nutrition professional has worked it all out for you.

All we ask in exchange is that you donate to your local food bank, as much as you’re able to. 

I hope you're all safe and well; I intend to do my best to help all fitnat clients and followers to at least eat healthily through this time when everything seems up in the air.

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Frequently asked questions about fitnaturally

Eating healthily is delicious and affordable

I'm Sally. I'm a qualified nutrition advisor and personal trainer. I write plans each week to give you a scrummy, varied and balanced meal plan full of all things you love to eat. The happy outcome of eating this gorgeous food and listening to your body is that you feel so much better.

So whether your goal is to feel well, love your body, learn to cook, share recipes, feed your family, find or accept your body's happy size, learn how to make sourdough bread, or to simply to take the stress and hassle out of shopping and eating well, my plans will help you make it happen.

Feeling well isn't just about eating good food, it's about being happy and getting outdoors – that's why the only place you'll see food pics is on our recipes page!
Sally in her kitchen happy place
Get real food for happy eating. No points, shakes or weirdness, just joy.
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