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A corporatey-sounding title for sure but do read on, because it can really help to think of your health journey in these business-like terms – like making a contract with your body and checking-in with it every so often to make sure health is being achieved. After all, good health underpins our whole lives; what more important project is there than you?! And it’s fair to say that most people need structure and measures when learning how to lose weight naturally.

Positive behaviours

At fitnaturally we’re well aware of the behaviours that show positive and lasting health change. We see them all the time and mentally tick them off when supporting our clients, in order to place them on a scale of ‘start to finish’. Such as:

“Hurray! Joe has started to say no to pudding when everyone else is trying to force him to have some.” ✅


“Brilliant! Jo is no longer drinking half a bottle of wine every night but she’s enjoying a glass with dinner at weekends.” ✅

It’s very easy to gauge someone’s stage of change by certain things they do around food or exercise; we don’t like to let people go until we’re sure they’ve ticked off all their KPIs and the project (the person) can be signed off for good because we know they’re changed forever.

A few days ago I asked people in our client-only Facebook support group for a few key SMART reasons behind their success on our eatnaturally plans and with their fitnat-journeys and in general. Almost everyone had something new and different to contribute – things that are huge benefits of investing in the support of fitnaturally.

We ❤️ our clients!

I started people off by suggesting a few KPIs that show someone has been fully fitnatted:

  • No sugar cravings.
  • Eats at least seven different types of veg/salad each day.
  • Drinks less alcohol than a bottle of wine each week and has at least two alcohol-free days, or is teetotal.
  • Eats until comfortably full, then stops.

And our clients added:

  • Not afraid to try new foods.
  • Almost all meals are cooked from scratch.
  • Can easily bypass the stupid amount of sweet ‘treats’ on offer all the time at work.
  • Signed-up to long term health, not fixated on short term weight loss.
  • Loves trying new recipes and likes pottering in the kitchen!
  • Re-educated about cooking – getting great tasting meals doesn’t have to mean hours in the kitchen.
  • Focuses on achieving and maintaining a healthy body fat percentage, regardless of weight.
  • Gets to a point where weighing is no longer necessary.
  • Understands portion control – not everyone needs the same amount of food.
  • Knows the importance of natural, non-processed, food.
  • Gets, or improves, an exercise/activity habit.
  • Vegetables are the main focus of a meal, not a side.
  • Doesn’t respond to stress with self-harming activities such as drink or food binges.
  • Unable to go a week without taking at least four photos of the amazing food you’ve made/eaten 😂!
  • Takes the lifestyle on holiday.
  • Knows the importance of only buying what is on the (usually short) shopping list.
  • Ability to say ‘no’ to food and drink when appropriate.
  • Donates bin bags of now-too-large clothes to charity on a regular basis!
  • Goes into situations where there is potential to eat badly (like long days, shift work, working lunches or seminars with beige food) and manages to stay on plan.

So OK, we have a fantastic list of positive behaviours there. All with the aim of learning how to lose weight naturally and maintain healthy eating. I’ll condense them into a shorter, more concise, list. See how many you can tick off and how far along the journey to lasting health change you are.

fitnaturally’s key performance indicators
  1. Always serve and eat portions that are appropriate for your sex and healthy body composition.
  2. Focus on health, not weight. Achieve and maintain a fat percentage which is appropriate for sex and age.
  3. Cook at least 90% of meals from scratch, using natural, good quality, ethical, ingredients from all food groups.
  4. Make plant foods the focus of all meals.
  5. Eat three meals a day, or sometimes two; avoid eating between meals and eating when not physically hungry.
  6. Resist all peer or situation pressure to overeat or eat junk.
  7. Always detach eating and drinking from emotions.
  8. Never be persuaded by fad nutrition ideas.
  9. Enjoy selecting, preparing and eating healthy, varied and delicious food all the time.
  10. Be an everyday advocate and example of healthy eating, without being obsessive.
  11. Know the damaging effects of alcohol; drink less alcohol than one bottle of wine a week. Have at least two alcohol-free days, or be teetotal.
  12. Be as active as possible every hour, forever. Don’t sit when you can stand, don’t drive when you can cycle or walk, don’t walk when you can run. Be active outdoors daily.

What was your score out of 12?

Are you a health ninja, or getting there? And where, how, and when can you improve? Remember this is for you, it’s your project and your life. Life is so precious and only you have the power to improve and prolong it.

Of course there are more KPIs to do with relaxation, not smoking, avoiding pollution, minimising stress, nurturing happiness – they are all so important, but I wanted to keep the list focused on food and activity for this particular piece.

These behaviours don’t happen overnight, so don’t beat yourself up about them; we notice that it takes about five months for people to start showing real change. It’s not possible to change everything at once, that would be too overwhelming. So if you still have a few, or even all of them, to achieve just pick one at a time – focus on it, crack it, then move to the next. Usually the last one our previously sedentary clients adopt is the activity habit, that’s when we know they’re fully ‘done’.

As always the advice is not only to read this blog post but to actually PRACTISE it. It’s so easy to read stuff and have loads of knowledge but never put it into play. Make a point of adopting some of the things you just read, and as with any sound project revisit your KPIs regularly, to guage progress. Whilst this is ultimately YOUR project, we are here to provide the guidance and teach you how to lose weight naturally and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

If you need support, we are always here with a friendly smile and helping hand. Just drop us a line at or talk to us on Twitter or Facebook.

To perform you need practise. To practise you need passion.
Amit Kalantri


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