fresh food . fresh air . fresh start
– fitnaturally

fitnaturally re-brand

We’re so excited to unleash our fresh new look on the world today!

The logo is displaying bold new colours and we’re applying those colours across everything we do in the coming days. The logo up above is kind of small so here’s a closer look:


Gorgeous right?!

As well as the new colours we have a new strapline…

fresh food . fresh air . fresh start

We’ve been using this already on social media and in our emails so this one might not be much of a surprise.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to rethink how are services are listed. Our services are now called Plans and we’ve arranged them more logically under three areas:

A range of nutrition plans for fat loss, specific health issues, exercise and more.

A range of plans for great nutrition, health and fitness during all stages of pregnancy.

A range of running, fitness and nutrition plans for everyone from beginner to elite.

Why change the strapline?

‘Improving evolution’ wasn’t well understood and we can appreciate why. We came up with it because we wanted to imply that we were taking what nature has provided – natural food, the outdoors, your body – and applying our ethos to those things to make you and subsequent generations fitter and healthier.

That’s still our goal – but the new strapline far more clearly articulates the fitnaturally ethos.

Why the colour change?

When we were new and still finding our feet we chose orange and blue because they’re strong, complimentary colours, and we still love them. But as fitnaturally has grown and evolved, that colour combination just didn’t sit comfortably with the now well-defined fitnaturally ethos. Changing the focus to green fully embraces our love of the outdoors and fresh, natural food. And the new colours also reflect the new strapline.

So there you have it. The new, but still the same, fitnaturally!

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