Food for thought at Christmas

Christmas then! It’s pretty easy to sail through Christmas and not gain weight – remember we’re not looking for a loss this week, but maintenance, and no gain. 

“How can I do that?!”

Here are some tips:

  • If you’re an eatnaturally client, stick to the plan on all the days around Christmas and Boxing Day, otherwise try to be a bit more restrained around food. It’s overeating across a few or several days that does the damage. You can even have lighter evening meals on the other days.
  • You can work your way around nuts, crisps and dips, cake, lots of cheese, tins of sweets, excess alcohol and all those nibbles that go with watching Christmas telly. If you do all the nibbles you’ll only jiggle, and not in a good way 🙂
  • Tell yourself this is the Christmas you’re going to love feeling COMFY and not bloated. I promise it will feel SO nice not to want to pop yourself with a pin to deflate that big Santa tum!
  • Kinda a no brainer really, but only eat when you’re hungry. Simple rule, which also makes food taste like a revelation.
  • Love the hell out of being with people you care about, focus on talking to and being with them rather than attaching all the enjoyment to food.
  • Remember that the supermarkets and shops really really want you to overbuy and overeat. You are way above their big-buck tactics.
  • Shop online for Christmas food so you’re not faced with all the tins of Roses and mystery filo canapés.
  • Except it’s nice to get your veg in a market.
  • Avoid mystery filo canapés. Nobody even needs a canapé. Urgh.
  • Have Christmas dinner at lunchtime or mid afternoon and have the Christmas pudding in the evening instead of having another meal.
  • Think about other people in the world who are hungry, compare developed countries’ greed with those who scrape by on hardly anything. Yes I am Mrs Grumpy Christmas. Hello.
  • Stay active every day; make it a priority to go outdoors and move for at least 30 mins each day. Go for a walk after dinner on Christmas day, or for a run in the morning.

But mostly, HAVE A LOVELY TIME and enjoy the gift of health, because it’s the best gift in the world! X

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