How our weekly diet meal plan ‘eatnaturally’ works for you

We have a dilemma here at fitnaturally; we know the word ‘diet’ sells products, but we don’t like what it represents, i.e. fad eating for quick, temporary, weight loss. That’s why we use words like nutrition and fat loss instead. ‘Diet’ for us is defined in the more traditional way, namely the kinds of food that a person habitually eats, which can be with the goal of losing weight.

Our weekly diet meal plans are therefore about healthy eating forever, not a fast gimmicky fix which sees people getting fatter as soon as they’ve finished the ‘diet’.

So how do we make our weekly diet meal plans, and how do they work?

Two of us write the plans, working together to select ingredients and recipes we know most people will like and designing the week to be perfectly balanced. It takes us quite a while, up to about 12 hours, to write the base plan. We are quite pedantic about things and no stone is left unturned in pursuit of a nutritious but simple eating plan for everyone. We’re both very keen cooks and have a true love of good food, so you can be sure all the meals will be tasty. We also keep an eye on new products and food trends coming along. That doesn’t mean we always use or follow them though!

We choose a wide range of natural, seasonal foods, then look for easy recipes using those ingredients. We try to pick recipes that are quick to prepare during the week allowing for more relaxed meals at weekends (always with a quicker option). Sometimes we add a takeaway option on a Friday or Saturday. Every week there’s a chocolate and wine allowance and although we discourage snacks there are ‘optional extras’ for any rare times of need!  This supports our ethos that this is a change for life and it’s unlikely that people will give up takeaways, chocolate and wine; and why should  they?!

We don’t calorie count. We are experienced enough to know how to create weekly diet meal plans that maintain a steady fat loss for various groups of people. We don’t want people adopting the ‘how many calories should I eat in a day’ mindset as that can be such an inexact science and no way to live. Portion control is the essence.

Are the plans family friendly?

Yes. Many of our clients have partners and children, and they often say that the plans change the whole family’s attitude to food and that partners and children become much more interested in healthy eating and cooking. If you and a partner are signing up it’s likely that you’ll need different plans unless you are the same weight and sex.

So what do you get with our weekly diet meal plans?
  • A fresh plan every week that sets out all your meals.
  • Plans for meat, veggie and veggie/fish.
  • A set of food guidelines to help you make good ingredient choices.
  • Health and readiness screening, goal and milestone setting and monitoring.
  • Your choice of when to weigh-in – weekly, fortnightly or monthly – submitting weight and fat percentage.
  • Weekly body measurement submission.
  • Access to our client-only Facebook support group.
  • Great food!
  • Often a cheaper food bill.
  • Fat loss and/or healthy eating.
  • Changed forever!
How much is it?

You get all this for just £32 every four weeks, that’s just £8 a week, money which you will probably save by not buying all the usual junk. (Prices correct as at December 2018)

Where do I sign up to receive the life-changing weekly diet meal plans?
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