How to lose weight without going on a diet

Step 1: Sign up

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Step 2: Follow our plan

This isn't a diet, it's a framework for being healthy.

We love food and we know our stuff. We give you a gorgeous, varied plan each week. Stay within the framework and you’ll achieve steady, sustainable fat loss.

Step 3: Join our private Facebook group

You’re joining us for a reason right? So have lots of others! Connect with them on day one of your journey. With our direct support, an optional buddy system, and through the warm and open support of the group, you will achieve your goals.

Step 4: Be more active

You don’t have to run marathons or anything! Walking briskly is fabulous exercise and will get you outdoors in the fresh air. Being more active will not only help fat loss but also give your brain a chance to de-floof itself.

Read our blog post about getting active for 10 mins a day.

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