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Thank you for joining fitnaturally.

Your first plan starts on Monday – we upload plans to client accounts on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

After you have clicked the confirmation link and logged in we ask you to complete some key information to finalise your registration. Please also take some time to fill in our questionnaire (the link is also in your account). It may seem like lots of questions but answering them in full, and honestly, will give us a much better idea of your background and goals.

Record your starting weight in the ‘Your Body’ section of your account. As you continue on the fitnaturally way of eating you’ll discover that your health isn’t just about the numbers on a set of scales. We look at the whole picture including your body fat percentage, body measurements and clothes feel. Setting a baseline of your current weight at the start is good practice and helps you take ownership of your journey.

What is ‘the plan’ and how do you use it?

It’s is a simple PDF which sets out all of your meals for the week, starting on a Monday.

Every week we write a wide range of plans suitable for all our clients. We upload them on a Tuesday or Wednesday and our system assigns the right plan to your account.

Each day you will have two choices at breakfast and up to three choices for lunch and dinner when you include the simpler options if you’re pushed for time. Decide on what you want then click any recipe links and make notes for your shopping list. We often link to our own recipes or carefully choose easy to prepare options elsewhere. Many of our clients print it out for ease of reference but it’s also easily accessible from smartphones and tablets too.

We always includes motivational advice along with portion sizes and food guidance appropriate to you.

We’ve collected lots of our tips from our plans into an ebook (available from Amazon, £1.99): A whole mountain of natural health tips

The eatnaturally week goes something like this…

  • Monday: We add comments to your feedback if you are on the extra plan and email you when we’re done.
  • Tuesday: We finish writing next week’s plans, creating the vegetarian and fish variations.
  • Wednesday: Optional weigh-in day. We also upload next week’s plan to all client accounts. We send an email when the plan is ready.
  • Thursday: You download the plan, choose your meals and make your shopping list.
  • Friday: Tell us what you fancy on the next plan by emailing
  • Saturday: We start writing a new plan.
  • Sunday: Come and find us somewhere in the great outdoors!

If you signed up on a Monday or Tuesday your plan won’t be online yet – check back during Wednesday or look out for the email telling you it’s available.

Feedback – extra clients only

With our extra plan you get one-to-one support and advice from an actual human. We believe it helps with mojo and keeping you on track so please do use it.

Log into your account and click on the Feedback tab.

It’s a good idea to add feedback on a daily basis while it’s all still fresh in your mind. Write whatever you feel like about your eating and the food that day but above all else, be honest. If you go off-plan please say so. Eating the fitnaturally way can sometimes be a curveball for people, especially in the early weeks, but it’s a lifelong change for the better for your long term health so we aren’t here to judge, we want to help 🙂

We respond to your comments on a Monday. If you have any moments of crisis or have a burning question you can email or text during office hours and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Join our Facebook groups

We have two busy groups on the go:

The support group is about sharing experiences and tips, supporting each other and giving us feedback on our service. You can use the group to ask generic questions or get advice about following your plan. I will answer questions that need nutritionist input and others can pitch in. It has a great community spirit and is most welcoming of newbies!

Five Go Wild is all about sharing our love for nature and being outdoors. We encourage participants to do five things outdoors that are good for your health and post photos. We sometimes have a weekly theme to give you some incentive to go outside more.

If you’re on Facebook it’s worth joining both groups – they’re quite active and a lot of fun.

An extra plug for our newsletter…

fitnatters: If you chose not to sign up for fitnatters when you registered you’re missing out on a few extras! It’s just two issues a month with news, tips and our thoughts on current topics in the media. Encourage your friends to sign up too. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time and we’ll still love you!

Sign up here.


Have a look at our FAQ first. There’s lots on there about food and drink as well as motivation tips and account stuff too.

If you are on our eatnaturally essential or extra plans you can also email us for support any time during the business hours noted below:

Happy eating!


Sally Pinnegar, Director
Sports nutrition, weight management and personal training

Hours of business:
Mon-Fri: 8am to 7pm  |  Sat: 9am to 12noon  |  Sun: Closed

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