Lettuce is lettuce right? Wrong!

Whilst we might just think of lettuce as lettuce, not all lettuce is made equal!

Lettuce varieties 

Iceberg might be pretty popular in some cheap eating establishments but its nutrient profile is much less than, say, Romaine lettuce. Romaine is one of the more nutrient rich lettuces. It’s good to vary your leaves as they all have slightly different qualities.

Lettuce nutrients

Romaine is also known by its Greek name of Cos. Whilst we are used to hearing about dark green leafy veg having the best nutrient profiile Romaine is an exception and is a lettuce rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Choose bright, good looking heads of lettuce and store it with a paper towel in the salad section of your fridge, as with any fresh food it will deteriorate, so eat it as soon as you can after buying.

Nutrients in 50g of Iceberg and Romaine lettuce:

Nutrient Iceberg Romaine
Protein 0.5g 0.58g
Fibre 0.7g 1.0g
Calcium 10mg 16mg
Potassium 78mg 116mg
Vit C 1.5mg 11.3mg
Folic Acid 16mcg 64mcg
Vit K 13.3mcg 48.2mcg
Vit A 164mcg 1,637mcg

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