Make a meal of it

The environment and atmosphere that you eat your meals in affects the way you eat and how much you eat.

Think of McDonalds, everyone chowing down perched on uncomfy seating in a noisy environment, and playing with their phones. Or even just driving off and eating a burger in the car. Not exactly mindful eating.

Then imagine sitting down to a lovely meal at a set table, in a peaceful room, no TV, no phones, laptops or tablets. There’s cutlery, nice plates, soft or natural lighting and good food. There might even be a family or partner and some conversation. You’re likely to eat more slowly, eat less, and appreciate your food more.

If you really want to you can eat at a table every day – but does it feel like hard work, because you have this, that and the other to do? That’s a real shame.

Make time to eat properly. All the most relaxed cultures do. One of the reasons some Mediterranean countries have better health is because of their attention to shared and slow eating and their appreciation of good food and companionship.

Try it, see how it can transform your mealtimes from stressful to peaceful.

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