You have a marathon place! Let’s get you a PB.

So you have a marathon place. Congratulations! Whether it’s your first one or one of many you probably still want to train the best you can. Marathon training is a bit like having a baby, loads of people will give you advice and very little of it matches.

The best approach to take is to choose the advice that sounds most sensible for you and stick with it. If you keep changing tack your training will lack structure and your goal will be in jeopardy.

Perhaps you just want to ‘get round’ but remember that the longer you’re on your feet out there the harder it’s going to be in a funny way, OK not as intense but being on your feet for 5-6hours really takes its toll, the faster you can get it done, the better. That doesn’t mean aiming for a sub-3 but aiming for around four hours is achievable by most healthy, and healthy weight, people. However, that four hours is elusive to thousands because they don’t train smartly. They don’t practise race pace or they run too many junk miles, they perhaps don’t rest enough and get injured. All sorts of things can throw spanners in  the works of marathon training.

Remember that the longer you’re on your feet out there the harder it’s going to be.

Something else to think about is the impact it will have on your home and social life. It’s best to aim to do just enough training to get your goal but not so much as to see you in the divorce courts or become a Billy no mates!

Here at fitnaturally we have years of experience with marathon training and racing. We have all run marathons for a start and  that helps us to have an insight to what you’re going through at every stage. Many people have achieved their goal times or got a PB with our bespoke marathon training plans or our 4hr marathon plan, many more have lost body fat before going in to peak training, with our nutrition plans. It’s best not to be carrying dead weight around 26.2 miles, losing weight/fat is a huge factor in training comfort and race speed.

So now you have your place sign up to one of our plans so we can take the journey with you and share your pain (inevitable at some stage!) and joy (also pretty standard!)

What you get:
  • Weekly progressive bespoke plans written to suit you, your experience, your life, your goals and your time availability.
  • Professional feedback, analysis and encouragement.
  • A plan that changes when you change, it’s not set in stone, things can move to suit you.
  • Peace of mind and someone to share every detail with (you will need a heart rate and distance monitor such as a Garmin watch)
  • Perfect, nutrition with our nutrition plans, to fuel you through the miles and help with body compostion/fat loss.
What does it cost?
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