Planning and preparation

There’s one really simple concept that will hugely increase your healthy eating success. And I mean HUGELY! It’s planning and preparation. In other words it’s grabbing your eatnaturally plan like a precious jewel and giving it the love it, and you, deserve.

Even if you aren’t following our eatnaturally plan, spending just half an hour a week choosing your meals and shopping online for ingredients means you can sit back and enjoy a massively less stressful week. You’ll know exactly what you’re eating and it can be even less of a pain if you let us do the planning for you! We put lots of thought into making sure you’re well nourished 😍

A well-spent 10-15 minutes in the evening, prepping the next day’s lunch, will stop you reaching for random lunch items that could easily derail your efforts.

Just imagine if a surgeon didn’t plan and prep for an operation, or someone taking an exam didn’t revise for it and get everything they need. How much would the success chances increase if they did. CRITICALLY!

Get an eatnaturally plan
Easy-to-do suggestions for HUGE success!
  • When you get your eatnaturally plan on a Wednesday sit for ten mins and choose your meal options. Jot down a quick shopping list. If you don’t normally plan ahead with your meals, start now!, or let us do it for you! 😉
  • For maximum convenience do your shopping online. When possible, and it’s often preferable, shop locally. Not only will you be supporting local businesses but you can also pick the best ingredients and ask questions about food provenance.
  • You can speed things up by buying frozen chopped onions, garlic, herbs, chilli, ginger, peppers and berries.
  • Write the week’s menu on a blackboard in the kitchen. I do this and I can tell you it’s a lifeline when there’s so much else to think about.
  • Keep a tablet/iPad in the kitchen with a browser dedicated to that week’s recipes, open on separate tabs. Close the tabs as you go through the week. Or get a recipe app that has a meal planner. We’re mainly iOS at fitnat HQ and two recommendations are Copy Me That (Free) and Paprika (£4.99).
  • When you’re doing dinner each night quickly prep the next day’s lunch as well if you won’t be at home.
  • Pre-make stuff at weekends, like dressings, coleslaw, curries, soups or bakes. Freeze them, or just put them in the fridge if they’ll be used with a couple of days.

Doing these things will remove a whole layer of anxiety and randomness and you will ROCK your plan and glow with health!

Get a gorgeous weekly meal plan and access to our exclusive facebook support group with eatnaturally for everyone.

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