Banoffee oats

It seems most people love banoffee pie and this is just a little bit of that vibe at breakfast time! Not saying slather toffee sauce over all your brekkies but why not once in a while?
Serves: 1 • Prep time: 10 mins • Cook time: 3 mins • Easy 
Mix a squeeze of honey into the yoghurt. Arrange all the ingredients in a bowl, or layer them up in a nice glass. Melt the caramel spread and drizzle it over the top!
Nutrition info
Calcium is well-known for its importance to bone and tooth health but did you also know it helps your nerves to pass signals to each other? Calcium floods into muscle cells when they contract, so if you have a calcium imbalance your muscles will play merry hell, giving you cramp or not allowing you to move and lift and carry as you should be able to.

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I think love is like caramel, sweet and fragrant,always welcome. Once tasted never forgotten.
Jenny Colgan
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