Greek yoghurt with caramelised peach and raw honeycomb

Sex in a teacup!

Thick creamy mild yoghurt with sweet caramelised peach and chewy mild honey.

Mmm mmmhhhh.
Serves: 1 • Prep time: 5 mins • Cook time: 5 mins • Easy 
  • 170g full fat Greek yoghurt. I used Tim’s Dairy Greek yoghurt.
  • 1 ripe peach chopped into 3-4 large chunks. I used a locally grown flat white peach.
  • 1 ‘knifeful’ of raw honeycomb, or about a heaped tablespoon. If you don’t have honeycomb just use any clear honey, Greek honey is really good for this.
  • large knob of real butter
Heat the butter in a small heavy pan until frothing but not brown, add the peach cut side down and fry until golden, turn the pieces over and do the same.

Serve with the yoghurt and top with the beautiful honeycomb.
Nutrition info
Peaches provide vitamin C for great skin and connective tissue as well as immunity, they also pack some vitamin A for healthy eyesight. Yoghurt gives a good hit of calcium as well as B12 for DNA production, cardiovascular protection and a well-functioning brain and nervous system. Raw honeycomb has long chain fatty acids for brain and nervous system function and is good for a healthy gut.

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You can be the ripest juiciest peach in the world but there will always be someone who hates peaches!
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