Herby chicken with roast sweet potato and red onion

A gorgeous herby one-pot chicken and sweet potato recipe. You need to bake this under foil with plenty of white wine and good olive oil to keep the chicken juicy and give the sweet pots a beautiful flavour
Serves: 4 • Prep time: 10 mins • Cook time: 40 mins • Easy
  • 4 free range organic chicken breasts
  • 1 large red onion, sliced
  • 2 sweet potatoes peeled and cut into thick slices
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • a glass of dry white wine
  • 3 teaspoons of dried mixed herbs
  • sea salt
  • course ground black pepper
  • fresh basil to serve
Heat the oven to 180 degrees
Pour plenty of olive oil into the base of a large rectangular oven dish. Add the chicken breasts and arrange the sweet potato chunks around and between. Scatter the red onion over then pour the wine all over the top. Sprinkle the herbs, salt and pepper on.

Half way through cooking take it out and baste with the juices.

Bake for 35-40 mins covered with foil, take the foil off for the last five mins.
Serve scattered with fresh basil.

You can make a lovely sauce from the juices by pouring them into a pan and adding300g of creme fraiche and some cornflour and heating whilst whisking.

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Nutrition info
A great source of beta-carotene, the sweet potato hosts a bundle of nutrients; anti-inflammatory, blood sugar-regulating and antioxidant, each bringing with it valuable health benefits.

When we eat sweet potato, the beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A which is essential for healthy skin, good eyesight, healthy mucus membranes and the immune system.  Sweet potatoes also provide a good amount of vitamin C and  fibrinogen, both of which help with wound healing. However, absorption of beta carotene can be inefficient but adding a drizzle of olive oil just before serving can improve it.

Did you know, sweet potatoes also can be found in a groovy purple colour! 

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Sweet Potato
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