Sautéed mushrooms and creamy bean mash

Gorgeously rich garlicky mushrooms paired with deeply satisfying creamy bean mash. 
Serves: One for dinner, two for lunch • Prep time: 5 mins • Cook time: 10 mins • Easy
  • 400g tin of butter beans, drained
  • 100ml of double cream
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • large knob of salted butter
  • small clove of garlic, crushed
  • small bunch of fresh chives, chopped
  • sea salt
  • a mix of mushrooms, torn into different sized pieces, I used shitake and chestnut
  • 1 fresh lemon
Heat some olive oil and the butter in a large frying pan and gently cook the garlic without browning it. Then throw in the mushrooms and some sea salt, and leave to softly sizzle.

Mean time, heat the butter beans and double cream with some salt then blend to a mash using a food processor or stick blender. You can make them as smooth or rugged as you like.

Now the mushrooms have softened and cooked through turn up the heat so they get nicely brown with some caramel'y bits then add most of the snipped chives.

To serve, plate up the mash and top with the garlicky mushrooms, throw on the remaining chives, some extra olive oil and a good squeeze of fresh lemon.

This is beautiful with wilted spinach or even some fried baby tomatoes.

You might also enjoy creamy mushroom tortellini
Nutrition info
Mushrooms provide lots or Riboflavin (vitamin B2). Not only is this important for energy production but it also helps to bring iron out of storage and into cells. Mushrooms grown in sunlight contain good amounts of vitamin D, vit D is pretty elusive in the diet so it's important to increase intake, we get most of it from sunlight ourselves but are so indoorsy these days! Vitamin D is critical for bone health and also boost immunity.

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I have so mushroom in my heart for you
A. Mushroom
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