Set-point theory

This theory suggests that the body has a weight which it likes to hover around; you know when you’re losing weight and you get to that point where the weight loss starts getting harder and slower and staying below that weight is hard?

You probably know your own set-point and people of the same height and sex will vary in their set-points.

Whether the set-point is a product of lifestyle and food habits or is actually determined by the body is a matter for debate but it certainly exists. It’s definitely the trend for people to start well and continue for a month or two but then to gradually revert to their former, ingrained, eating habits. However, you can re-programme your set-point by sticking to appropriate eating and keeping your weight (although fat% is a better measure than weight) below that point for several months, the body then adapts and adjusts its sights.

The message is to stick with the programme even when things start to slow down, keep adjusting your eating to achieve your goal and your goal should be to maintain healthy eating, weight and fat percentage for the rest of your life.

That’s if you’re serious about it.

Are you?

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