Seven reasons why snacking is senseless

Hack away at the inessentials.
– Bruce Lee

If you use our eatnaturally plans you’ll know that a strong part of the fitnat ethos is eating three meals a day and avoiding snacks. So why do we think that’s so good?

In the spirit of ‘seven reasons why’ here are seven reasons why no snacking is required. There are lots more though!

  1. The small intestine needs time to digest properly without having to then deal with more stuff coming down on top. It’s a stickler for a tidy house. So imagine starting your housework only to have someone throw a load of dust and dirt down on your clean surfaces half way through. Or how about putting some washing in the machine then opening the door half way through to chuck in another load of muddy clothes. Give your gut a break and let the poor soul do what it needs to do.
  2. You won’t starve between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner.
  3. It breaks any preoccupation with food. Always eating means you’ll always be thinking about food. You’ll have time to think about other things instead, like going for a walk in the springtime.
  4. It’s cheaper. What’s not to love?!
  5. It’s really nice being hungry for a meal. Food tastes so much better.
  6. Blood sugar is better regulated. When people keep piling food into the system insulin has to wake up from its slumbers and come out to deal with it. After a while the body thinks “Do you know what? I’m so very bored with insulin visiting me now that I’m not answering the door.” and you become insulin resistant.
  7. It’s all you need. Simply.

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