Marathon training, running and sports nutrition plans for everyone from beginner to elite.

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Bespoke marathon training

A fully personalised training plan written specifically for you week-to-week.

4hr Marathon

This 12-week training plan will set you up perfectly to achieve a 4hr marathon.
12-week marathon nutrition

12-week marathon nutrition

We do all the nutrition planning so all you have to do is focus on running to your best.
Marathon week nutrition

Marathon week nutrition plan

Eating right for race day is just as important as the training miles in the bank.
Bespoke sports nutrition

Bespoke sports nutrition

Deliver your best performances by eating the right fuel at the right time.
Bespoke running

Bespoke running

The perfect way to have your running sessions tailored to suit your goals, experience and time.

eatnaturally for athletes

Improve performance and hit your target weight with these easy nutrition plans for athletes.

Our other fitnaturally plans

Caramelised apple and pecan porridge

eatnaturally plans

For happy and intuitive eating, busy families, singles, sportspeople, students and you.
eatmaternally for pregnancy

eatmaternally plans

Trying to conceive, already pregnant or recently given birth? We’ve got a plan for that!
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