Sports Nutrition Live 2013

Khara and I attended the Sports Nutrition Live conference in central London on 11 May. And wow, what a fantastic day. The lecture theatre was packed with like-minded individuals all eager to hear about the latest research and draw on the experience of the presenters.

The day was riveting from start to finish with lectures from well respected sports nutrition professionals including Matt Lovell, elite performance company owner; Ian Craig, exercise physiologist, nutritional therapist, NLP practitioner and endurance coach; Pete Williams, leading light in functional medicine in the UK and Adam Carey, Doctor, nutritionist and head of Coperformance, which provides wellness programmes to multinational organisations.

Lectures covered a whole host of useful topics, including the individuality of nutrition and weight management approaches, how stress affects weight loss, the growing problem of vitamin D deficiency, the pros and cons (mainly cons) of intermittent fasting and the use of ergogenic aids and supplements.

The strong message we came away with was that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Genetics, long-term circumstances, hormones, illness, exercise and a whole host of other things mean that different things work for different people. We were also reassured that fitnaturally is doing a great job with its nutrition and exercise advice. Not following fads but taking a sensible, established approach to weight management and fitness. We keep abreast of trends but allow them to be tested and researched before applying them. That’s not to say we can’t improve, there’s always room for that and we picked up some new ideas that will be applied over the coming months. Actually, one was a new power-salad recipe we had at the lunch, antioxidants galore!

After the conference we met up for dinner with fitnaturally’s technical whizz, Thomas. So it was a real fitnaturally team outing. Really looking forward to SNLive’s next event.

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