How to lose weight naturally? It’s about taking ownership

I recently posted this on our client-only Facebook support group (a perk of our eatnaturally for everyone essential and extra plans) but it’s worth getting this message out to everyone seeking to change not only the way they eat, but anything they need to change for the better. It’s about owning it, taking responsibility, knowing that ultimately learning how to lose weight naturally and sustain healthy eating and living actually only matters to you, and for you.

Owning your eating

Often when we choose a diet or join a gym we want someone else to make it all happen for us. A bit like those diets where each meal is delivered ready-made and all you have to do is eat it, but at the end of it what have you learned? How to heat up a ready meal or open a bag of ‘diet’ crisps. Rather than taking responsibility and owning a real change you’ve sat back and let someone else do the work. It’s the same with eating.

Competitive sport is similar too. When the race is done, whether you succeeded or failed is down to you and how well-prepared you were, whether you put the training in, practised race skills, honed your body and nutrition, got enough sleep and gave it your all. No excuses.

With life changes, if you want something enough you will do it. Only you can do it.

Trust in fitnaturally to show you how to own it

The amazing interaction, feedback and comments we get from everyone in the support group is one of the many reasons fitnaturally stands out in a sea of beige ‘diet’ companies. We’re not a diet company; we’re healthy living consultants. We engage our people, challenge and stimulate them, teach and guide them in their quest to learn and understand how to lose weight naturally and sustain and enjoy healthy eating and life. We ask for their input in what is their journey, their health and their potentially longer life on this beautiful planet.

It’s important to take personal ownership of, and responsibility for, the way you eat, your fitnaturally healthy eating plans, and making it all work.

It’s for and about you, not us

It’s easy to think you’re trying to please fitnaturally and see us as the chooser of the destination, and your judge/ruler, but it’s essentially your project and your desire for better health. So if you stray from your plan or its principles you’re not affecting us, only you. There are no sorrys to us, the sorry is to yourself. No congratulations to us, only to yourself.

It sounds harsh doesn’t it? But it boils right down to that. If you own it and make it work, really learn and absorb information, are proactive and engaged,  it’s an enhancement to your life and health, not ours. You are the winner, or loser. We just guide, support and teach. 

All aboard

Thinking of it as a bus journey might help – at fitnaturally we have new passengers coming aboard all the time, we take them all but we can’t make them stay on board or sit still ’til they reach their destination; we can only choose the best route and hope they want to get there with a smooth ride. Wanting to get there is fundamental because it can be a long journey for some people. But we make it as scenic as possible…and we’ll come back and pick you up if you decide to get off early then get lost! Some people sit near the driver and ask questions, others go quiet at the back. The ones who stay connected with the driver get there first and have a smoother ride – they’re eager co-drivers.

Of course your success reflects on us, and we/you have plenty of it. But it’s really not about us – it’s yours to grasp and run with.

If you have the power to change something and you don't, that's a choice, not a limitation.

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