Terms and Conditions Changelog

1 June 2018
  • Rewrote almost everything in the fitnaturally tone of voice.
  • Revised all sections for easier understanding and to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Section 2: removed eatnaturally for students because we don’t offer that plan any more.
  • Removed paragraph sequencing — it was helpful to be able to refer to specific paragraphs but didn’t make it easier for humans to read.
21 February 2018
  • UPDATE: Our eatmaternally range of plans have been temporarily discontinued. References to those plans at the follow locations have been removed: Section 2 (a), Section 4 (g), Section 8 (a).
13 February 2018
  • UPDATE: Our eatnaturally for diabetics plan has been discontinued. References to the plan at the follow locations have been removed: Section 2 (a), Section 4 (g), Section 8 (a).
7 January 2018
  • UPDATE: Section 2 (a) – Updated payments to reflect the 2018 price increases.
November 2017
  • UPDATE: Section A (1) – Small change to wording for clarification.
  • UPDATE: Section 2 (a) – Added pricing details for new service, eatnaturally for athletes.
  • UPDATE: Section 4 (g) – Updated wording to clarify that access to the private Facebook group is for paying clients, and added other qualifying plans.
21 March 2017
  • NEW: Added paragraph sequencing for ease of reference on future changes.
  • UPDATE: Section 2 (c) – Added information on pricing for Partner plans.
  • UPDATE: Section 2 (a) – Changed the display of prices from a table to a list format.
  • UPDATE: Section 2 (a) – Removed references to the one-off pricing option for Bespoke marathon training and Bespoke running plans as it is no longer offered.
  • UPDATE: Section 6 (b) – Updated the wording to reflect the fact that clients must now purchase additional nutritionist time in order to make changes to schedules post-deadline.
3 March 2017
  • Removed references to eatnaturally your way and Beginners exercise as we no longer offer these services.
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