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Thank you for using our website and joining the fitnaturally family.
A quick note about our tone of voice
We run a business and we take that seriously. But we’re also lively, outdoorsy humans who like to laugh. We love keeping things real and truthful, like admitting that we love crisps, and are particularly good at making up new (and better) words for things. We try to write like real people, even with serious/legal things like Terms and Conditions. We write as we speak and hope it helps you understand what's what. But listen, we’re not perfect, so if we ever fall short we want you tell us: hello@fitnaturally.co.uk
Updated: 7 January 2020 (changelog)


It’s fair to say that most people don’t read Terms and Conditions in full (us included). They’re almost always really long and worded in legalese that only boffins and lawyers understand. Bearing in mind our tone of voice we’ve tried hard to make ours easy to read for everyone.

But even if you don’t read the full document this first bit is a quick summary highlighting the main things you should know about when you use our website or buy one of our plans.

Our website

  • You can act upon the information on our website but we aren’t liable for any mishaps.
  • You can share links to pages or images on our website by email or social media but if you try to make it look like your own stuff we’ll be quite cross.
  • Our website uses cookies but we never collect personal info or creepily track you across sites.

Our responsibilities

  • We’ll write and deliver all our plans on time. If we sometimes fall short on this we will try our best to tell you in advance.
  • Our plans are written by fitnaturally’s director, Sally Pinnegar, who is qualified to diploma level in nutrition, is a level 3 personal trainer, and UK Athletics qualified running coach. She is supported by Lauren Dolan who has an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management.
  • We promise never to intentionally mess up. But if we mess up accidentally we’ll work our bums off to fix it quickly.
  • We’ll keep any information you share with us secure.
  • We’ll never share your information unless it’s an airtight legal requirement.
  • We can change our Terms at any time without notification. That sounds scary but we’ll try hard to never change something major without letting you know first. We’ll let clients and newsletter subscribers know when we do change something and by continuing to use our website and plans when the Terms changes that means you accept them.

Your responsibilities as a client

  • You agree to pay for your plan in advance.
  • New clients can cancel within 14 days for a full refund, but any time after that we’ll only refund if it’s because we did something badly wrong. You only qualify for the 14 day refund one time. If you have previously been a client
  • To keep using our plans you’ll need to continue to pay according to the subscription for the plan you bought.
  • Our plans are copyrighted so you can’t share them in any form unless we give you written permission.
  • Our plans remain our intellectual property at all times and must not be re-used.
  • You’ll follow the guidance associated with your plan along with any instructions from us.
  • You’ll seek medical advice before starting any of our plans and you can’t blame us for anything that happens — dietary or physically — while using one of plans.

Terms and Conditions


When you use our website or plans you agree to our Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) set out below. We reserve the right to change these Terms without prior notification but we’ll try hard to never change something major without letting you know first. If you use our website or plans even without having read these Terms, then you agree to them. If you keep on using our website or plans after we’ve updated them, you agree to that too. If you’re not happy with any of this you should stop using our website and cancel your plan as soon as you can. Section 7 below is about cancellations.

These legal terms (English law applies) are between you and fitnaturally Limited (fitnaturally/us/we/our) and you agree to them by using our site or plans.

1. Our website

You can read and act on any of the information on our website but we can’t be held liable for any accidents, injuries or mishaps – whether physical or dietary – while you do so.

If you share links to any of our pages, recipes, blog posts or images by email or on social media you can’t make it look as if you created it.

We use cookies on our site to help us understand what’s popular on our site and how to improve it. For more information on cookies please read our Cookie Policy.

When you buy a plan and become our client (hello!) we collect some of your personal data — things like your name, address, date of birth and more. We only ask for information that allows us to deliver the plan you bought. We will never ask for any information we don’t need to know and we’ll never sell it do anything else creepy with it. Our Privacy Policy has lots more detail about the information we hold about you, where it’s stored, who has access to it and what we do with it.

2. Payment terms

We sell most of our plans on a subscription basis. When you buy a plan you agree to pay for each subscription period, or each one-off payment, in full and in advance. Payment amounts vary depending on the plan you buy — the list below sets out the subscription payment details for all our plans.

This list is correct as of the date of publication at the top of the page.

Subscription periods:

  • Weekly = every week
  • Monthly = every 4 weeks
  • Quarterly = every 12 weeks

eatnaturally for everyone
£32 monthly / £90 quarterly

eatnaturally bespoke
£50 weekly / £190 monthly

Bespoke sports nutrition
£50 weekly / £190 monthly

eatnaturally basic
£20 monthly

eatnaturally plant-based
£30 monthly

Telephone Consultation
£25 for a 30 min call

Dietary Analysis
£30 per day analysed

If you subscribe to eatnaturally for everyone, eatnaturally for families, eatnaturally bespoke, or Bespoke sports nutrition that you have two payment options

Option 1: Pay automatically
‘Pay automatically’ means just that — payments for the recurring plan you bought will happen automatically until you stop them. You can pay automatically by choosing auto-renew during registration or by switching auto-renew to ‘on’ in the settings of your fitnaturally account. When it’s active we’ll automatically take the next payment one week in advance without any further action from you. You can change payment options or cancel your plan at any time.

Option 2: Pay manually
‘Pay manually’ means that you have to log in to your account before your plan ends to make the payment. For bespoke plans you must pay by the Wednesday before your plan ends so that you can add your schedules.

Partner plans are only available on our eatnaturally for everyone plan. You’re entitled to a 50% discount when your significant other person is already a fitnaturally client. The discount only applies while the ‘main’ partner has an active eatnaturally for everyone account. The partner discount isn’t an automated process so until we’re are able to do that you must register and pay in full for your own eatnaturally for everyone plan then email us so that we can give you the discount.

You can cancel your subscription to eatnaturally for everyone, eatnaturally for families, eatnaturally bespoke, or Bespoke sports nutrition at any time by turning off the auto-renew setting in your account. If you cancel within 14 day we’ll issue a full refund. After 14 days we’ll only issue a pro-rata refund if your cancellation is as a result of system failures on our part. We won’t issue refunds for any one-off payment plans.

If you subscribe to eatnaturally basic or eatnaturally plant-based your subscription payments will be taken automatically until you cancel your subscription. In this instance, to cancel your subscription you must delete your account. Details on how to delete your account are included on the main account page.

fitnaturally isn’t liable for any times where you are unable, or choose not, to use your plan — e.g. holidays, business trips, or other busy times in your life.

We review our prices annually in December. Prices may change at other times but this will be under exceptional circumstances and will be clearly communicated to existing clients.

3. Security

We will keep all information we collect from clients strictly private and secure and we will treated it with confidentiality. We’ll do everything we can to prevent unauthorised access or hacking but we can’t guarantee that it will never happen. We can’t be held liable in the event of data loss.

We will never provide your personal information to anyone unless it’s in accordance with any laws or other binding regulations.

For full details about the information we hold on you, where it’s stored, who has access to it and what we do with it please read our Privacy Policy.

4. Our responsibilities

A qualified nutritionist and/or fitness expert will always write our plans. We’ll create a programme of nutrition, exercise — or both depending on the plan you buy — that takes into account information you provide on your lifestyle, personal goals, fitness, health status and medical history.

We’ll provide the planning, coaching, advice, and support appropriate to the plan you bought. You understand that we can’t be held liable for any accidents, injuries or mishaps — whether physical or dietary — that happen while acting on information from our plans.

For plans that include feedback: we check and respond to this feedback weekly on a Monday. If there’s a lot of feedback some clients may not hear from us until Tuesday.

These plans entitle you to access our private support group through Facebook while you are a paying client:

  • eatnaturally for everyone
  • eatnaturally for families
  • eatnaturally bespoke
  • Bespoke sports nutrition
  • eatnaturally plant-based

A fitnaturally nutrition adviser or trainer will respond to questions about nutrition or exercise in the Facebook group. Other members of the group may also offer advice but we accept no liability for any mishaps that happen if you act on their advice. If there are questions you’d rather not share with the group, or you have other questions about your account then please email us at hello@fitnaturally.co.uk and we’ll answer as soon as possible during business hours.

5. Your responsibilities

Our plans are intended for use during the week they were written and it is your responsibility to log in each week to see it. We do not provide a library of plans and nor do we supply plans on a retrospective basis if you miss one for any reason. Storage and reuse of plans is discouraged. If you do store or print the plans they remain the property of fitnaturally.

Only you may use your user account and password. Your plan is valid for your own personal use and must not be shared with others without our written permission.

You are financially responsible for all the fees and charges that occur on your account and that you accept responsibility for all activities that occur under that account.

Your progress towards your goals depends on you committing to the plan, listening to and acting on our feedback and your determination to succeed. You acknowledge that individual results may vary and that the results of any nutrition or fitness programme aren’t guaranteed.

You must fully complete our food and lifestyle questionnaire when you subscribe to eatnaturally for everyone, eatnaturally for families, eatnaturally bespoke, or Bespoke sports nutrition, and prior to starting your plan and you must tell us about any changes to your health and relevant circumstances as they happen. We accept no liability for any accidents, injuries or mishaps — whether physical or dietary — while using our plans.

6. Bespoke plans

For plans that are based solely on information you tell us (the “schedule”), you must submit your schedule in full by 11:59pm each Wednesday (“the deadline”). The deadline is in place so that we have time to write plans for all our clients while giving them time to plan and shop.

Once the deadline has passed you won’t be able to add, or amend, your schedule. If you need to make changes to your schedule you must buy additional nutrition adviser time through the link in your account.

If you miss the deadline you accept that we cannot write your bespoke nutrition plan. An appropriate eatnaturally for everyone plan will be served to your account for that week. We will not be able to issue a refund in such cases.

7. Cancellation and money back guarantee

If, for any reason, you decide our plans aren’t for you, just email us within 14 days and we’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. If our plan doesn’t work for you, we don’t want to keep your money and will gladly help you find another solution. Just send us an email, and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

After 14 days you can cancel your plan at any time, no notice is needed.

To cancel your eatnaturally for everyone, eatnaturally for families, eatnaturally bespoke, or Bespoke sports nutrition subscription, simply switch off auto-renew and don’t pay when your subscription runs out.

To cancel your eatnaturally basic or eatnaturally plant-based subscription you must delete your account. Details on how to delete your account are included on the main account page.

All payments are non-refundable unless you’re cancelling your plan because of demonstrably bad service you received from us. Full details about what happens to your data when your plan ends is in our Privacy Policy.

8. Insurance and Liability

We’re qualified nutrition advisers and fitness trainers but our plans, advice, blog posts, recipes, and any other services or information we provide do not constitute medical advice. Before starting any exercise or dietary regime it is up to you to determine that you’re fit and well to do so, if necessary by working with a medical professional like your doctor. We accept no liability if you become injured or unwell while following our plans.

You must complete our questionnaire or if we ask specific questions on phone calls or by email. We cannot be held liable if you tell us incorrect information. You must also tell us of any nutritional or physical conditions, food intolerances or changes to your health, now and ongoing, which might affect your ability to exercise or undertake a fitnaturally plan safely and with minimal risk.

You understand that there are inherent risks for everyone who takes part in a programme of strenuous exercise. If you get injured, or claim to have an injury, as a result of any activity while on one of our plans, you acknowledge that we are not responsible.

You understand that there are inherent risks for everyone who take part in a programme of nutrition. If you become ill or claim to have any illness or condition as a result of using our plans, you acknowledge we are not responsible, except where the illness or condition was caused by gross negligence or intentional act by us.

We cannot be held liable in any way for declared or undeclared medical conditions, food intolerances or allergies. It is your responsibility to ensure that you don’t eat or drink anything to which you are intolerant or allergic.

We are insured for £1,000,000 of Professional Indemnity and Public Liability, a copy of which is available upon request.

9. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

We’re keeping this bit marginally on the legal-sounding side because we’re super protective about fitnaturally!

Any marketing, educational or other materials, including programmes, concepts, words, business model and/or any variations thereto and its nutrition and exercise services materials, made available to you will at all times remain the property of fitnaturally Limited and are subject to copyright.

You undertake to use such materials solely for your own personal development and not to copy, mimic, share, publish, sell or reproduce any such materials.

You must declare any vested interest to fitnaturally before signing up to our services. This includes personal trainers, coaches, nutrition advisers and dieticians (established or trainee) and anyone else who could commercially or publicly benefit from the knowledge gained whilst being a fitnaturally client.

You must not copy, or pass-off as your own, any of fitnaturally’s words, style, concepts, business model or anything related to fitnaturally’s services, plans and business style. If we suspect any wrongdoing in this regard we may take legal action to protect our business model and brand.

If you download and print a plan it remains the intellectual property of fitnaturally. You must not reuse a plan without our written permission.

10. Business hours and contact details

Business hours

  • Monday to Friday: 8am to 7pm
  • Saturday: 9am to 12 noon
  • Sunday: Closed

Contact details

  • Email: hello@fitnaturally.co.uk
  • Phone: 07725 401456 (Sally Pinnegar, Director)
  • Address: 1 Maple Drive, Stilton, Peterborough, Cambs, PE7 3FN

If we suspect that any of the above terms have been breached at any time, legal action will be taken.

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