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Our members come from all walks of life, each with their own set of challenges but with the same determination to achieve their weight loss goals.
Dave Fisher, from XL to M in six months
Helen Osborne

Helen Osborne

Plan: eatnaturally for everyone

fitnaturally not only has given me a new body and self confidence like you wouldn’t believe but it has also taken that massive pain in the butt that is food planning away. All the meals are super easy to make; take less than 30 mins and don’t have a massive quantity of ingredients. The husband has even started cooking which is very new.

Communication with the fitnat team is effortless, Sally and Khara are really supportive, warm, friendly and I genuinely believe they care about me.

My biggest regret is that I didn’t sign up for fitnat earlier, even more not signing up whilst pregnant. Don’t make my mistake.
Dave Fisher

Dave Fisher

Plan: eatnaturally for everyone

I found some photos on my computer and, despite having lived through it, I was shocked by the change I saw.

So this is a testimonial for anyone who might be sat, looking at fitnaturally, thinking about getting in touch.

Don’t wait – do it now.
Carrie Cowx

Carrie Cowx

Plan: eatmaternally for pregnancy (discontinued as of March 2018)

Back in the day I managed to throw myself round a few marathons, Olympic distance triathlons and open water swims, which I still love!

Then I moved to the countryside and got pregnant with my first daughter. Getting back in shape wasn’t too bad, however I was far, far from healthy. I’d gone too far the other way with not eating or looking after myself, I had no energy and my stress levels with a baby hit a new high.
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Ally Spiers

Plan: eatnaturally bespoke

I started with fitnat in December 2014. I was already running a lot of miles but never really felt like I had the nutrition part of my fitness correct.

I took the plunge and signed up for an eatnaturally bespoke plan. Just under 10 pounds later and I feel great. I am no longer afraid of full fat products, really enjoying the wonderful recipes and colourful foods I get to eat.

The support and friendship of fitnaturally and the Facebook support group is just the best!!!!
Storme Alexander

Storme Alexander

Plan: bespoke sports nutrition

In response to your feedback comments asking me to email you ‘How is it going?’ To be honest I am loving it. Not wanting to sound big headed I am really happy with the weight you have got me down to now. I have never been this light and not hungry!  Actually, I don’t think I have ever been this light!!

On top of that I feel I have so much more energy. Most days I would be crawling out on the bike, finding a hundred and one excuses why I didn’t have to go. Sometimes ironing even won, even when I only wear Lycra!! Now I am energised and happy to go when I should be.
Clare Cunningham in Rio 2016

Clare Cunningham

Plan: eatnaturally bespoke

I first started working with Sally when I returned to work after a six month sabbatical to focus on training for major paratriathlon races in 2011.

Sally took into account my busy lifestyle, which often involves ‘food-on-the-go’, and ensured I was eating optimally around training sessions. Within two weeks the lethargy had gone, I had lost two kilograms and I was enjoying a varied, healthy diet trying foods I had previously thought I disliked!

Sally’s client service is second to none.

Update: Clare took part in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games!
Want to be an exerciser?
Our sportnaturally plans can help you achieve! Let fitnaturally help you plan it and execute your goals with perfect nutrition and expert advice.
Pippa Greenan

Pippa Greenan

Plan: eatnaturally bespoke  

I have been on the eatnaturally bespoke plan since January 2018 (I upgraded from eatnaturally for everyone). I knew it would be life changing and it has been. I have lowered my blood sugars, blood pressure and cholesterol to within normal range. I hope on review to reduce medication this month with GP support.

I am losing the weight steadily but my relationship with food has changed for the better. The support is fantastic and you get loads of encouragement.

Thank you very much Sally and the team.

Sarah Marsden

Plan: eatnaturally for everyone 

In my first year of work as a doctor I gained weight and was permanently tired and under-performing in sport because I was eating badly around long, tough shifts at work.

The eatnaturally for everyone plan makes it easy to plan tasty, healthy meals for the time I have available, and the best bit is, there’s no fancy, difficult ingredients to get hold of.

I’m back at a much happier weight, performing better in sport, and the other best bit is, the food is delicious and nothing is banned!

Rachel MacLean

Plan: eatnaturally for everyone 

This weekend I have run a half marathon, my first ever at the age of 51, and beaten all my under 30 male colleagues’ PBs into the bargain (not that I’m competitive!)

All of this is down to fitnat. I’ve gone from being a reluctant half an hour gasper to a person who loves to run, and who finds it hugely enjoyable! The support from Sally and Khara has been incredibly personal, challenging and caring – they are totally focussed and dedicated on helping clients achieve their goals. The Facebook support group keeps me going at times when I want to waver from my intentions.

I have changed my entire attitude to food, exercise, and health, and I feel a million times better. I’m incredibly grateful I found fitnat at this time, and I know that it will be with me for life.

fitnaturally note: We can see a difference with Rachel’s husband too!

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Jemima Gee

Jemima Gee

Plan: eatnaturally for everyone 

I do not feel like I am on a diet at all. This is a nutrition plan and it’s amazing.

I cannot thank Sally enough. She has been the most amazing support. She knows everything there is to know about nutrition and fitness. She is a constant encourager and gives excellent advice, which has already helped me attain some goals. You know that Sally is 100% behind you and understands each person as an individual. She’s always there at the end of an email or on Facebook or Twitter to answer any questions! In fact I wonder if she ever leaves the computer.

I feel amazing. My skin is clearer, I wake up in the morning feeling more energised, my clothes are looser and I feel in control. I know I have a bit of a way to go to reach my goal weight but the journey there is proving invaluable.

Paul Gribbon

Plan: Bespoke sports nutrition

fitnaturally: Paul Gribbon ran a 15 mile race then sent us the feedback below. It’s really common to overeat around endurance training and racing, in the mistaken hope that it will improve your energy and time – sometimes/often it does quite the opposite.

So. . .  I have to say that I was a little surprised about the plans for Friday and Saturday to prepare me for the race today. I mean, where were the mounds of pasta? Why did breakfast only consist of one bowl of porridge, and not porridge/toast/peanut butter/banana?

As it turns out, I felt great throughout the race and still had loads in the tank towards the finish. Having a gel every 25 minutes (after the first hour) suited me well.

I think the biggest change over last year was that I felt far stronger and could have kept going for another five miles without trouble. It obviously helps that I’ve put in the training miles (trying far harder to eliminate the ‘grey zone’ and go hard or easy) but the changes through fitnaturally have underpinned it all.

So onwards to Brighton Marathon, and REMEMBER – “Trust Sal”
Kate Armstrong

Kate Armstrong

Plan: Bespoke sports nutrition

I love my sport, and getting out in the fresh air, but I also have a very stressful job, which involves unpredictable shift work, and trying to squeeze everything in around them. I was living on toast, KitKats (of all varieties) and cheese and onion crisps.

By the time I got to menopause time, I had started to feel a bit rough unsurprisingly. I had looked into, and tried, loads of the suggested nutrition plans for sporty people. They suggested things like not eating bread (noooooo! I love bread), don’t eat cheese, have a coconut with every meal (whey – a Bounty!) – none of these things appeared to be sustainable to me. I didn’t need to lose weight, I just needed to eat properly to give me enough energy to work my odd hours and train as I wanted to.

Then I remembered Sally, got in touch, and never looked back.

Get a FREE version of any of our non-bespoke plans today.

Get a FREE version of any of our non-bespoke plans today.

Louise Welch

Louise Welch

Maggie Smith

I have entered a new phase in my life of retirement and without fitnat I would not be in the fantastic place that I find myself.

When I turned to fitnaturally for help at the end of November 2015 I was, I admit, in a bad state physically and mentally. Since then with Sally’s expert advice, support and humour I have not only lost weight physically but a huge mental weight is off my shoulders.

The stats are: I’ve lost 21lbs, reduced my visceral fat and lost a total of 19cm off my waist plus much more.

I cannot thank you enough Sally and your team, I really would not be in this fantastic state to start my new journey. I can assure you that I will live the fitnat way and promote it wherever I can.

And of course I learnt how to make a sourdough loaf…don’t let anyone say I give up easily and in fact one will be baked tonight!

Julie-Ann Ryan

I’m not one of Sally’s many elite athlete clients, or one of her weight loss customers. I’m just someone who’s been a ridiculously picky eater all my life.

What I needed was someone to tell me what to eat and when to eat it, and one day I heard about Sally and fitnaturally. It took a few weeks for me to get into the habit of opening my mind and trying new foods, or foods that I’d convinced myself decades ago that I didn’t like, but I stuck to it with her support – she’s immensely approachable, warm and funny – and now I can say for the first time in my life that I have a healthy, balanced diet.

Despite the fact that I didn’t go to her to lose weight, it came off anyway – about half a stone over a couple of months – and I also find that I’m much less tired than I used to be. She’s taught me how to use food properly as fuel, not just for running but for everyday life.

Still can’t stand mushrooms though…

Gaynor Sykes

fitnaturally has without a doubt been the best thing I have done to shed my post-baby weight and re-gain my confidence and joie de vivre. I had seen the amazing results achieved by a couple of friends who had done the programme and so signed myself up on New Year’s Day feeling about as low as I could have given the number of pounds that had crept up on me since becoming a mum of two.

Fast forward six months and I am now bouncing around again, receiving lovely and positive comments everywhere I go, having lost 2 stone 2 lbs to date. The genuinely lovely/tasty food on the programme, together with Sally’s spot-on motivation and support, has literally transformed me and my life, and I really enjoy discovering the tasty new recipes each week. I always pick the options that will work for my family, adapting as necessary for the children, and absolutely love that the time and stress of meal-planning is all taken care of. The main thing I love is that the programme is real to life, with real, wholesome and super tasty food, allowing a curry, bacon and eggs, even the odd croissant and (dark) chocolate most weeks, so you never feel deprived.

I am always very honest in my weekly feedback, and really welcome and need Sally’s guidance to keep me on track.

I literally cannot recommend fitnaturally any more highly – I feel like a new woman!

Thank you, thank you xx

Emily Luijbregts

I’m on the eatmaternally for pregnancy (discontinued as of March 2018) plan as I’m currently pregnant, and after being on bespoke nutrition for a while when I was running lots of marathons, I wanted to give my baby and myself the best opportunity for a healthy pregnancy, knowing that I was getting the right nutrients etc.

So… I head to the midwife yesterday, I get weighed, checked and results from blood tests are back. They’re all A*. She wanted to give me some nutrition advice but after showing her that weeks plan and what I was doing she was so interested she took down FitNat’s details and said she wanted to have a look to maybe tell other clients!

We have the ‘big’ scan on Monday but everything is growing perfectly and I feel so great if you didn’t see my belly you wouldn’t realise I was pregnant! Plenty of energy, feeling happy and content! My colleagues can’t understand it as their wives were ‘utter demons’ when pregnant and I’m acting like it’s not even phasing me. I thank my diet and fitnat for that!

So THANK YOU Sally x

Maria Tsiliakou

Following my pregnancy I felt I needed to lose weight and I was introduced to fitnaturally by a friend after I commented on how well she looked.

I really enjoyed the plans from day one. Immediately it felt that it was about eating well rather than dieting and it was great that I had the opportunity to enjoy a variety of good food and great recipes and, most importantly, still lose weight.

It is a fantastic combination and my whole family enjoy it as I am not cooking just for me but for all of them!

After six months I feel that my food preferences have changed and I have learnt to eat well for good.

Heidi Hollywood

When I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to try and lose some weight before my next marathon in order to (put it bluntly) ‘not wobble so much’ – she suggested I contact Sally.

I signed up to the eatnaturally essential plan and the results have been amazing. My training has also improved hugely as a result. I am finding it much easier to stick my target pace as I am carrying less weight and I find that I have more energy as a result of following such a nutritious eating plan.

Sally has also been fantastic at offering advice on what to eat before and after running – particularly for my long training runs. I really cannot recommend this plan enough.

It is perfect for anyone who wants to eat great food, improve their training and lose weight whilst they’re at it!

Chris Flavell

So why am I with fitnat? Well, at first it was a case of losing more weight. After many years of sedentary-nothing I re-discovered a desire for triathlon, and through training and eating changes I had shifted six stone (started at 19) on my own but hit that point where no more would move and I needed help. I knew this wasn’t a diet per se, but knowing that I didn’t need to decide what to eat, and when, appealed to the nature of a triathlete who follows a structured training plan.

Since joining it’s been a roller coaster on the weight front as I get to grips with the plan. What I can say is the food on the plans is A-MA-ZING. I’m in love with some of the recipes, and every week is a treat.

I am sure that Sally must have the patience of a saint having to deal with clients who are a bit forgetful with things like movements, weigh-ins etc. She has been immensely supportive and encouraging despite my foibles.

What I have learned though is that it isn’t about “dieting”, it’s about a lifestyle choice, just eating for better health and wellbeing. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect when it comes to following what I should eat, and I can be a naughty boy (especially if it involves peanut butter), but I have never felt so good around my training and racing as I do now. I have my issues that I need to address with food, but through doggedness I know that I will get there with Sally’s help. And lets face it, if I can look half as good as she does at her age then there has to be something right with what she is doing.
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