Storme Alexander

We emailed Storme after looking at her weekly feedback, this how she replied. (Storme gave permission to use it here).
In response to your feedback comments asking me to email you ‘How is it going?’
To be honest I am loving it. Not wanting to sound big headed I am really happy with the weight you have got me down to now. I have never been this light and not hungry! Actually, I don’t think I have ever been this light!!

On top of that I feel I have so much more energy. Most days I would be crawling out on the bike, finding a hundred and one excuses why I didn’t have to go. Sometimes ironing even won, even when I only wear Lycra!! Now I am energised and happy to go when I should be.

My nails have never grown. I always blamed my job but now I even have girlie nails…I even painted them the other day haha. So that’s all thanks to the nutrition, which is what I was looking for, more than weight loss really.

Can you do anything else for me?
No, not at the moment. I am loving the food as always and learning when enough is enough and I that don’t need three courses. I am rarely hungry but if I am I will head for yoghurt, nuts and maybe a bit of fruit, rather than Tesco Express and the family bag of M&Ms!
Storme started working with us a couple of years ago, using our bespoke sports nutrition service. Having learnt how to optimise her fuelling and general diet she now uses our eatnaturally plans to maintain a great body composition and to ensure she gets the full range of essential nutrients, and not least to make her busy, energetic life easier!

She recently wrote a guest blog post for us about her experience taking part in Marathon des Sables called Storme in the Sahara.
Marathon des Sables
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