There is no magic diet

Diet companies* won’t tell you this, but there is no magic diet. Not even fitnat. Signing up to a diet, no matter which, won’t automatically make you lose weight and most won’t help you keep it off. Our eatnaturally plans are wonderful and unique, but they’re not magic weight loss bullets because nothing is. You are that magic bullet!

People usually want a quick fix, but it’s like putting a plaster over a leaking tap, it’ll stop it dripping for a while but you need to fix it at source. And that’s why we’re different, we support you to make lasting change rather than just telling you not to eat this, that and the other. But still it’s absolutely your responsibility to take it seriously and make those changes.

*We’re not a diet company though! We sell plans that encourage intuitive eating and outdoor exercise, the happy result of which is finding your healthy sweet spot.

The magic lies with you

When you join fitnat we’ll always help you have a great relationship with good and tasty food; it’s all set out for you in your plan. I’ve (Sally) worked it out so it’s just enough for you, it’s varied, delicious, nourishing and easy to make. I’ve given you portion guidelines and will help you move to more intuitive eating over time.

fitnat will support and guide you all the way but you’ll take responsibility for your own progress. Sometimes people feel they’re doing it for fitnat or for me. They’re not, they’re doing it for themselves. You are your project, it’s your precious health and life.

The plan works when you follow it but the magic to follow it and listen to your body is firmly with you. Getting your body to a place it loves is down to your efforts; I’ll be so proud of you when you’ve cracked that, and always here for you if you need more help.

Get an eatnaturally plan
You can go your own way

fitnaturally will never going to say “You must do this” or “You must eat that”. You’re an adult and can choose to eat and drink whatever you like. We’ll gently guide and educate you, we’re here all the way, always, but if you choose to eat and drink differently from your plan you won’t get what you wanted, and you won’t learn by habit (a lot of this is learning by habit). There will constantly be things in life that you can use as excuses to overeat or drink, that’s how life is; but you choose whether to use those excuses. If they make you happy – good! If not, it’s time to change.

Be true to the plan, be true to yourself, be true to us

The eatnaturally plan is full of gorgeous meal options, I know you won’t find such a plan anywhere else, with the support that’s available to you at fitnaturally. But we humans are prone to doing our own thing and not owning up to it lots of times, even to ourselves!

Honesty is the absolute best policy. It’s no good saying you followed the plan when you didn’t, you’re only fooling yourself and wasting your money on our plan. And it’s no good thinking you can keep diverging from it and still get what you want, because you won’t.

Our plans are not just about weight loss, they are far far more. But if weight loss is your goal then it’s up to you to put in the effort and get the results you want and deserve.

When you blame something else you give up your power to change.

Eat better and be active every day with an eatnaturally plan.

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