Touch, taste, hear, smell, see, cook

Anyone can cook themselves something tasty to eat; it doesn’t take more than three good ingredients to rustle up something delicious, such as sautéed spinach with mushrooms and a poached or fried egg. It’s not that scientific, it’s not the preserve of the privileged; it’s straightforward. And it doesn’t have to be fancy sauces, soufflés or flambéed crepes.

Ready, steady, cook!

The problem is people often don’t like cooking, aren’t familiar with it, or are scared of doing it wrong. Cookery programmes and books actually don’t help because they overcomplicate things. At fitnaturally we give people healthy meal recipes that are quick and easy, with short lists of ingredients; it inspires people to cook more, and discover how easy and satisfying it is; and how much better they feel for eating real food. We also give them the ‘essence’ of a meal and they can create whatever they want using good wholesome ingredients.

We love everyone to cook rather than open a packet or reheat something made in a factory. Appreciating good food and making satisfying tasty and simple meals nurtures food enthusiasm, love and joy.

Too many diets put people off real food, giving them ready meals and shakes, juices or smoothies, depressing biscuit meal replacements and so on. Plus some get people to skip meals, or even skip days of eating and don’t let people savour the creamy taste of whole milk or the slippery goldenness of real butter on their toast (yes toast – our people have it).

To healthy meal recipes and beyond!

fitnat helps people to eat less, but eat well; because if you’re eating less in order to lose body fat you need to maximise the nutrients. Mind you, you can eat skip-loads of junk food and still be undernourished.

We hope that through the guidance of the healthy meal recipes we include in our plans, all our clients will leave us being able to cook great meals WITHOUT using recipes, simply using instinct and knowledge. Preparing a meal should be more than minutely measuring how many spoons of cream go in a sauce, or how many pine nuts to add to your salad – learn a few portion, combination and ingredient basics with us, then cook naturally, gain ‘THE KNOWLEDGE’!

Eat better and be active every day with an eatnaturally plan.

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