Walking. A fantastic way to get fitter.

Rozza and mates

How would you feel if someone said that walking is enough to make you fitter and maintain that fitness and that there is no need to have a six pack, run, do triathlons or take part in fitness events, or go to the gym?

Well it’s the happy truth! Walking is (a) flipping lovely, (b) convenient and cheap, and (c) a very healthy pastime.

How do you feel about walking more?

I’d love to help you so I’ve put these easy tips together!

  • Enjoy a lovely walk for 15 minutes just before or after breakfast each day. It could be part of a commute or school run.
  • You will feel so much better when you walk for 20 mins after lunch and 30 mins after dinner each day; it’s especially wonderful for the soul on these lovely summer evenings. 🍃
  • At weekends or when you have more time go for longer. Once you get to 40 mins of walking your body goes “Woah, they are SERIOUS about this thing! Therefore I will make all sorts of physical improvements in case they decide to do it again!”
  • During each walk put in a few spells of fast walking that get you a little bit puffed. Your heart and lungs will be in love with you for this. ❤️
  • If you have any hills near you, walk up them lots, you could even put a jog in on the way back down. Hill walking is a fasttrack to better fitness.
  • While it’s lovely to keep your ears open for nature sounds it’s also a really good chance to catch up on audiobooks or podcasts like this brill one from The Doctor’s Kitchen.
  • If you’re not already one of the fitnat fam come and join us! We help our people to walk more and walk better every day via our totally amaz client-only Facebook group, The fitnaturally hive, where the magic happens. 🐝
  • You’ve read it now you can go and do it!  Get those shoes on yr lovely feets, open the door and walk. When you come back I guarantee you’ll feel better. 😍

Eat better and be active every day with an eatnaturally plan.

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