What’s the best exercise for time-poor people?

best limited time workout

Best workout with limited time? Easy. Running!

Running is something you can do straight from your front door, there’s no driving to a gym or class, it doesn’t have to be done at a particular hour or last a certain length of time. You can fit it in whenever it suits, and wherever you are. And with minimum special kit apart from trainers it’s an easy win. 

Sounds hard though, right?

It’s not if you build it up gradually. Always start with a fast walk and then just intersperse some short runs of 1-2 minutes with walk breaks. Gradually over the weeks you can run for longer and walk less, then before you know it you’ll be able to run for half an hour. Run for half an hour 3-4 times a week and your fitness will increase immensely. Not only physical fitness but mental wellbeing too. Running has been shown time and again to improve mood.

You never have to worry about speed, just run at a pace that suits you, no need to wear a running watch or measure your runs, unless you find that motivating.

  • Convenient
  • Cheap
  • Hugely time efficient
  • High energy burn
  • Fantastic feeling of freedom
  • Burns the fat inside your stomach better than anything
  • Superb for heart, lungs and circulation
  • Happier mood
  • Fresh air
  • Vitamin D from sunlight
  • Visual benefits – see the outdoors more
  • Fantastic all-round fitness
  • If you have a dog you can double up on tasks!

Also it is the perfect exercise if your time is limited

If you want to start running but aren’t sure how, we can write you a personal running plan for four weeks. Just £15 a week to learn something that will hugely enhance your life and health for always.


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