Why fitnaturally and not a mainstream diet?

Why do people choose fitnaturally?

We think/hope it’s because we’re not like everyday diet companies, we want our people to love food and have a healthy relationship with it, forever. We work on a simple ethos that’s easy to follow and understand without having to read instructions, count points or miss whole food groups.

What is a healthy diet? fitnaturally’s ethos:
  • three meals a day
  • natural, unprocessed food from all food groups
  • the base of the pyramid is vegetables
  • portion control
  • no supplements
  • regular outdoor-activity

We reset appetite and eating patterns to how they’d be if food wasn’t so crazily available. People get back in touch with the joy of being hungry at mealtimes, and no longer want to overeat because they’re satisfied with the gorgeous food they get for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just how it should be.

Nourish • Move • Restore • Connect

This is the fitnaturally ecosystem: eating well, being more active, getting better sleep and connecting with humans and nature.

fitnaturally is all about gently encouraging people to be fit, happy and healthy. To live and be active to their full potential, and most of all to have a happy and balanced relationship with eating and activity. We help and encourage people to eat a wide range of good foods and to use the natural environment for fitness and wellbeing.

We offer weekly meal and exercise plans aimed at everyone. We support people in getting the results they want, while teaching them how to manage their own healthy eating and exercise for life. We believe in giving people knowledge and techniques to keep them healthy for as long as possible.

We asked our clients what they love about fitnaturally and our outlook on healthy eating…

“It doesn’t feel like a diet, you can eat proper food, it doesn’t take hours of prep time each week, someone else does all the planning for you.”

“I love the wide the variety of natural tasty food and the amount of extra energy I have, not to mention my glowing skin and strong nails!”

“It’s not a diet and it’s normal food!”

“I have learnt so much with fitnaturally about how to eat for the rest of my life.”

“Takes all the stress out of wondering how to eat healthily.”

“Meal planning – no thought required daily if shopping all done on Sundays, 20-min max prep times and really yummy food!”

“The fact that many meals are quicker to cook from fresh than it takes to order a takeaway.”

“It doesn’t cost me any more than normal because I save more on food.”

“Love the support and the community. Now I’m hooked!”


Join the fitnaturally family today!

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